Brigadier General Crunch

No LeBron owns Toronto, Tristan Thompson of all people owns Horford Co.  Read more

Embiid is just the landlord for Al Horford’s real estate company. Read more

I started to tear up at the fucking Google doodle. I honestly want to watch the documentary but don’t think I’m emotionally ready. Read more

Now the Real Sex theme is stuck in my head.  Read more

I live right near one of their smaller donut factories and goddamn it always smells so, so good. Discovered the Au Bon Pain one too on a walk in a random industrial area and smelled like cinnamon raisin heaven.  Read more

What the fuck did onion rings ever do to you?  Read more

I once shotgunned 3/4 in the case and didn’t sleep the entire night. I remember shaking and puking into a big gulp cup but not sleeping.  Read more

But still, where did the lighter fluid come from? Read more

Vote Brinson for 2018 All Star Game Read more

Or Love and Irving but who’s counting. Read more

I don’t get how the Warriors always winning is somehow worse or less entertaining than watching Lebron win year after year. Read more

They saw Gottlieb and college basketball. Sounds like a thief to me. Read more

What’s crazy about those flick threes is when I play down in the park, it takes a shit load of energy to put up a normal three from like 8 less feet. It’s insane how effortless Steph just flings it accurately. I would need every ounce of strength to nail some of these shots it feels like. Read more

The honey jack and lemonade mixed is really good summer drink. Read more

I got mine by surprise at the airport waiting at customs. Had sign like limo driver, flipped it to say marry me and blammo, waterworks. I had a lot of second thoughts but don’t regret it an ounce. She loved it, friends too. Was a total surprise. Read more

But Ben Simmons said there was no other rookie competition this year? Read more