Jul 7 2016

Yall need to chill out.

Jul 28 2015
There can only be one...

There can only be one Brian just like there can only be one Highlander. The exception is if you spell your name

May 29 2015
Ask a Moderator

Hello, I am Brian1321, you know, from Jalopnik. I am a moderator of this board. By that I mean I have moderator

Apr 9 2015
Beige Is the New Black™

I bought a black 2015 Corolla. It's quiet, it's comfortable, it's great on gas, and it has a CVT. There is plenty of

Jan 14 2015
Mack's Father Here, AMA

Im just missing the glory days, but its cool because at least I'm Born in the USA. I was also Born to Run because Im

Aug 29 2014
Who has the best car?

Why is your car the best car in Oppositelock? Drop a photo and a description of your ride. I will grade it, you may

Aug 25 2014

Mike Spinelli, creator of all you see, and Odin, god of all things Swedish, were enjoying a round of drinks when Odin declared he had secured the control of all things automotive. Spinelli, in a fit of rage and pride unseen since the Jack Baruth incident of '12, challenged Odin to a contest. Each would construct an