banjo cat ghost of oppo past
5:09 PM

really surprised to see pro-union comments for once, usually the comment section here is a bunch of computer janitors crowing about how the workers should be glad to be fed into a meat grinder and how unions are so outdated because their boss buys them ecto coolers during a 98 hour shift.

3:11 PM

Well, I should be clear- I hope that the workers win, but I think that it’s unlikely.

6:41 PM

I had an ‘88 all trac at the same time my friend had a 2nd gen Talon TSi AWD. His car felt so much more like a sports car than mine, while at the same time it seemed to disintegrate before our very eyes thanks to the build quality. Read more

5:33 PM

This is so true and I miss my 4G63 days. The performance, speed, turbo lag, insane acceleration, constantly wondering if you’re going to make it to your destination, wondering if that’s more smoke than usual coming out the tailpipe, hey, what’s that tapping sound? Oh look, every light on the dash just came on, the Read more

8:22 AM

A solid running FJ40 is getting hard to find, but they’re out there. Finding one with an SBC under the hood is NOT rare by any stretch of the imagination - and the prices are all over the map. The FJ40's reputation for bulletproof reliability can result in a kind of benign neglect in which the car is put to work Read more

1:28 PM

You feed a gremlin after midnight and all anyone cares about is the ensuing murder and mayhem. Nobody remembers that they used to cute and cuddly.

6:40 PM

The pillarless idea was introduced in 1933 Lancia Augusta. My example has seen better times.

1:20 PM

My vote goes to the Bentley Speed Six Blue Train Special. It’s hard to find a good picture with the doors open, but it’s a coup, and you don’t see many of those with suicides on them.