banjo cat ghost of oppo past
12:19 PM

This is so freaking cool. Only supercar in years I’ve gotten even remotely excited about. If you have any issue with an analog, mid-engined, NA V12 supercar with a stickshift, please turn in your Jalop card at the door and drive on home in whatever uninteresting crossover you came here in.

12:07 PM

“runs out at what we call Ferrari revs, so around 9500 rpm.”

10:04 AM

This is all I ever see anyway of every Bro Truck

2:26 PM

If Abrams’ work on The Force Awakens is any indicator, I think we have to assume that the film ends with Kylo Ren throwing the clone of Palpatine down a reactor shaft and blowing up the First Order’s primary base of operations, and then a big celebration with the Porgs and Luke & Leia’s Force Ghosts.

2:53 PM

I’m not saying it was an old person, but I’m all for re-testing drivers every couple years to prove competence and physical ability to drive.

Earlier this summer, I was behind an SUV that was having difficulty maintaining it’s lane- it actually rubbed against a curb at ~45 mph, and then almost hit another car going the Read more

12:18 PM

It has always struck me that if the Force is separated into two halves, the dark and the light, and the stories are about which half is ascendant. Given that premise, there is no way to eliminate one without eliminating the other, even if such a thing can be done, because the force isn’t limited to corporeal beings Read more

11:46 AM

I would say it’s a valid complaint. Star Wars is, at it’s heart, a fantasy fairy tale wearing a science fiction costume. The heroes needed their happily-ever-after. That’s effectively how RotJ ended: the villains are dead, the deceased are at peace, balance is restored, and now our heroes can chase a life of normalcy. Read more

11:21 AM

Uh, you can’t “undercut” the end of RotJ. They have made it abundantly clear that nothing from the original trilogy had any lasting impact. Read more

11:09 AM

“Another guiding principle we had was there are no final victories,” he said. “Every generation have to sort of take up the struggle again. Fight old evil in new forms.”

9:14 PM

I think I may have relayed this story to you at the Jalopnik meet-up in Austin, but I once owned a pink car. The problem was, on account of being colorblind, I didn’t know it for three months. Read more

5:39 PM

The whole rocket bunny trend needs to die in a fire.  Poor little NC... stuck with so many cliches.

9:38 AM

Rewatched the first two prequels over the last couple of days and that is a very, very short list. The acting is bad - not just Lloyd and Christensen, but good actors that have done fine work elsewhere. The script is miserable, things happen because they need to, almost never organically. The CGI that Lucas was so Read more