banjo cat ghost of oppo past
Sep 17

This is almost, but not quite, as good a metaphor for TRUMP 2020 as the time all those boats sank.during a Trump rally.

Sep 16

Yeah, but, you have to drive a Bolt then...

Sep 4

Like most Americans, I have a 500 mile commute where I need to transport 9 passengers and tow a battle-ready T-70 tank while fording exactly 31 inches of water. The puny battery in this inferior electric vehicle can’t possibly work for my needs. There’s literally no use case for it, mark my words these will rot on Read more

Sep 4

Elon Musk has read your comment and is currently yelling at his people for not already having super chargers on the trails.

Sep 2

The show was pretty good until they ran out of book and none of the top notch actors could save the show. 

Sep 2

“Like, you guys knew what to do with Daisy Ridley, you knew what to do with Adam Driver,” Read more

Aug 30

I swear to god, this fucking site..  Half the times I can’t imbed, the other half I can’t use the tools to make hyperlinks. Today is the day I can’t do either.
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Aug 28

RIP to the fucking king.

Aug 25

So, I need to take a proper reading. Been seeing high 19s cruising at about 70 mph with the AC on “econo” mode (lol).

Aug 18

Yup.... eeeevvvviiiilllle California.... how evil of them to basically more or less invent modern social media, the computer processor, integrated circuitry and the other stuff that you are now using on this site. Terrible California for single highhandedly inventing movies and modern forms of entertainment and shows Read more

Aug 18

Yup. The entire strategy here is simply to demonize California and Californians as a way to scare conservatives into voting for him. Read more

Aug 8

I'm normally at the 6 Hours of the Glen every year, with the exception of 2020 because everything is disastrous this year! It was that fine corn whiskey and old podium champagne that gave me the confidence to hit on my husband for the first time, lol

Aug 8
  • Team up with the much-beloved Alanis King to sign with a literary agent regarding a Rich Energy project.
Jul 24

Fuck Trump with Jim Spanfeller’s micropenis.

Sep 9 2019

“I can stop and feed my horse anywhere... The lack of benzogazspermwhaleoil availability on my throughpikes will be the death of these new fangled automotorcars. I mean, who sees a future where American business puts these everywhere they are needed?”