Fuck cancer. Long live Sager. I hope I can one day have even half the strength and courage he exhibited during his battle. Read more

Thankfully, the Democratic establishment, of all things, may be rejecting this sort of racist pacification of racists. Read more

The last Aryans to abruptly announce their retirement was Totenkopf at Kursk in 1943. Read more

One day, when I am remembering some football guys, I will remember Arian Foster. He was a good football guy. Read more

At least now he’ll be known for the dick pic instead of the dick kick. Read more

You ever take a shot to the junk? Last thing you want is anyone near you. Read more

So this is the highlight of the year for the Braves right?
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Yep. Has nothing to do with the pattern of Green going after an opponent's nuts.
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He got suspended for accumulating flagrant fouls, not for hitting LeBron in the junk. If he had no other flagrants, he would still be playing tomorrow. Read more

“Dray” is the asshole, not just here, but I'd imagine wherever he goes. Read more

Someone please punch that motherfucker. Come on, dellavadova. This is what you’re here for. Read more

Clearly unintentional — He just doesnt have the core strength to stop his arm from flailing into Lebron’s testicles. Read more

Game 7 has been already decided, like how the draft was

They’re amazing, but I hate their hypocrisy. They prance and preen and showboat and it’s all good (and I enjoy it), but when another team beats them and gives it back to them, they suddenly turn into the best fans in basketball and whine how it's disrespectful and unprofessional. They're great, but they have this Read more