Jedi -Please consider Reality/the Rub/the Hypocrisy: 1. Most reasonable people are not losing their cool over random, understandable, tolerable barking that lasts a few minutes, from time to time. This site is clearly referring to chronic, habitual nuisance barkers that never shut up - (note the word “incessantly” in Read more

I’ll take your intruder ANY day, over daily, hellacious, nonstop barking and being forced to see, smell, and pick-up countless piles of someone else’s dog crap on a daily basis. ANY day. Furthermore, the whistle doesn’t STOP a dumb dog from barking at everything that moves - it might help temporarily cease the Read more

Unfortunately, there is no accountability, responsibility, consideration, common sense, or human decency with incompetent dog owners. They are well aware they disturb the peace of an entire neighborhood 24/7, and they do not care. They are aware they illegally leave their dogs off leash to defecate in neighboring Read more

There are countless formats that call for different spacing. Academic and dissertation writing is typically up to the Prof or University’s preference. As a Writer-Editor, Id rather read a text in DS. I notice this comment section automatically decides to make it a single space. These things should always remain writer Read more

The St Louis Bread Company (aka Panera outside of MO) has the best Hazelnut coffee when it’s fresh and hot. The problem is they have trouble keeping it in supply, and the drive thru insists on keeping the coffee in a thermos that does not retain heat. Go inside and ask for fresh brew.

The accountability should fall on the irresponsible, inconsiderate neighbor who doesn’t properly care for their dogs, leaving them to roam at large or tied to a rope that extends to my yard, barking incessantly 24/7. Instead, all the effort, noise disturbances, fecal matter clean-up left in my yard, lost sleep, Read more

Same here - it’s ridiculous. It’s the county’s way of saying F you and tough noogies, we aren’t going to enforce the noise nuisance laws.

Have you seen the toilet rock climbing walls?

How little paper raincoats for all the backsplash from the flushing commode.

Rosin, you sound as moronic and hateful as the Cheese staff. Grow up.

Inconsiderate students who refuse to be quiet, put their phone away, and pay attention during class, receive a zero for attendance and participation. They are disrupting the class for others.

You record him bathing in the nude, then rewatch in slow-mo .... eewww (ha)

Speak for yourself. (Voluptuous body)....mine stares and licks his chops.

How do you know the fish don’t mind?

What low-class, unprofessional drivel to print about a man who almost lost his life, and still could. The trashy teens who are paid by the word for this garbage need to read a few books and educate themselves regarding journalistic integrity. Clearly, this twit was never taught basic manners, much less fact-finding Read more

As an educator and Principal with 30 years experience at a Blue Ribbon school...yes, I said wild animals. I was being kind. Most people have absolutely no clue and would not know how to handle the classroom violence. Parents who blame school policies, ignore law enforcement, and stand behind criminal behavior only Read more

Please...the teacher assaulted noone. The entire planet is sick of children and adults who cry wolf and play the victim, rather than follow simple rules and take responsibility for their own actions. If the troublemakers were doing their schoolwork instead of constantly disrupting class, the teacher would not have to Read more

If the kids were raised to have manners, respect authority, and stop disrupting class, the teachers wouldn’t have to waste their time breaking up fights and dealing with parents who overreact and refuse to consider the impossible position teachers are in. The teacher has to keep 25-30+ kids occupied and safe; she Read more