Oct 14

If you’re going to be irrational attached to a car you’re lucky it’s a Toyota. That irrational attachment will save you a ton of money rather than helping you quickly go broke.

Jul 3

Not so much a “mechanic’s” story, and not video worthy, but it does involve working in the industry, mechanics, and a call from the FBI... So I’ll just post it here...
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Jun 26

It was razorbeamteam who discovered it and posted about it on Oppositelock. I asked him where it was located, and it happened to be at the junkyard that is by far the closest one to my home. I had to go see it.  This is actually how I spent the afternoon of my birthday :) Read more

May 22

Warning: This is going to be lengthy. If you don’t care to hear why the US economy is on the edge of an actual depression don’t read this.

Apr 29

That’s the thing, this shouldn’t have haunted her. Nothing wrong with making some porn on the side. She was wrenching for a living, not running for office. The people that would haunt her for this are the ones to blame, not her and her onlyfans account.

Apr 15

Thank you, Michael for (a) making Jalop a thing and (b) giving me something car-related to read every day after work. It’s always been a nice break from responsibilities and die!die!die! national news. God speed, sir.

Apr 12

It means admitting that I owned a red Cavalier, but I’ll post anyway. Parked in front of my house in Philadelphia. Police were chasing a frozen poultry delivery truck the wrong way up the cross street, hit a car in the intersection, hit the car parked behind me, which then slammed into my car hard enough to crush the

Mar 5

No, it’s standard procedure now to tease a new vehicle before giving all of the details so that they can trickle out that information and jamokes like me have to write about the same car five times. 

Mar 2

Fortunately, I only have one show a year and there is a lot of technical discussions and the like when things calm down at the booth. But regardless, I get home and the family is jealous that I got a vacation and I’m just burnt out. Read more

Jan 24 2020

My beef with the speed limit thing is that it will less and less tied to emissions as EVs and hybrids take over the motoring pool. The few sections of unrestricted autobahn do not contribute a meaningful amount of pollution to Germany’s carbon impact - they’re just easy to pick on by environmentalists. The real way to Read more

Jan 23 2020

Toronto used to have a pop up late night event called Ertefa. Street racing, burnouts, shit like that always used to happen at the events. They kept going to different locations but the cops just ended up following them around and shutting it down. Not sure what they are doing now, as I got out of that scene due to Read more

Jan 21 2020

I wonder if the stiffness of that thermoplastic material changes over time and with temperature, especially under the heavier loads of a big rig? Also, I’m skeptical about the ability to put chains on those when needed in the winter.

Dec 30 2019

My job is literally building these. I always love seeing videos showing how what I make works. 

Dec 29 2019

Just a heads up: If you get shitty or mean in these comments I’ll remove them. Go be an asshole somewhere else.