Brandy Canan
3/23/21 3:44PM

Tired of all these fuckin’ Porsche drivers waving their fancy sandwiches in my face

3/12/21 10:14AM

I read a story on Vox that made the argument this kind of nonsense from fox is good, in a way, it means they don't have anything real to complain about from Biden, especially since most people are in favor of the stimulus bill. 

3/11/21 10:27PM

I’m a week away from getting my second shot and I’m oddly more afraid of getting sick now than I was like 6 months ago. Like it’s so close now, I’m afraid something is bound to fuck it all up.

3/10/21 3:41PM

Maybe if those babies weren’t buying iPhones and eating avocado toast, they wouldn’t have to ask for help!

3/10/21 3:37PM

Because the most important piece of legislation regarding abortion is not Roe, it’s Planned Parenthood v. Casey, and that’s been the case for a LONG time. Roe was fought under right to privacy- right to bodily integrity or autonomy not being a viable course of action in the 70s. Read more

3/10/21 1:29PM

Look, I’m not saying that anyone should shoot Tucker Carlson, but it sure would be great if he would just, you know, die.

3/10/21 12:19PM

Carlson knows he’s gotta turn the vitriol up to 11 every night to desperately hang on to viewers and keep the trump swamp stew boiling. He’s another nonentity hotboxing his own farts on national TV for the delusional lumpen.

3/10/21 11:58AM

i said it before and i’ll say it again, this guy was on “ancient aliens” - his word means nothing - even my cat knows ancient aliens is bullshit.

3/10/21 4:13AM

At first I’m all “oh fuck off with the 50s aesthetic” (seriously, the 70s was creepier) but, oh, I’m going to watch the hell out of this.  

3/09/21 11:08PM

And that creepy little girl from out in the desert. 

3/05/21 9:23AM

That boy’s good! Good and terrible!

3/03/21 9:04PM

First, it doesn’t matter when the racial slurs were said, it only matters that they were said and unless someone is seeking to downplay the racism that reportedly happened at their school, there would be no reason to mention that the slurs only happened as players were leaving—even if that were true, which it’s likely Read more

3/03/21 12:56PM

Professional sports would end up being self-segregating anyway, assuming you go strictly with performance and not a forced-inclusion thing like a lot of co-ed sports leagues have.

3/03/21 12:35PM

And because of the inevitable double standard in refereeing and commentary. You know women would be expected to suck it up when they were fouled, accused of faking it or being princesses if they were injured, etc. while also being shouted at to be “good sports” and not allowed to be rough with the men.

3/03/21 11:40AM

Yeah, that was my thought, too. That and the line about testosterone not being inherently male, because women can produce it, too. While this is technically true, being born with testes that primarily pump out testosterone vs. the generally very small amounts produced by ovaries, is not the same thing. I feel like Read more