Jun 24 2016

ha - I have! Change is hard and the chaos is temporary but the resurgence of Britain has begun and the other EU nations - soon to leave - will not only join in but, accelerate the economic growth that will make the future bright & shiny indeed. Read more

Jun 24 2016

Well, now that they’ve thrown off the oppressive shackles of the EU perhaps they will once again have a brighter, shinier future!

Jun 21 2016

And you could have been assisting in a food kitchen instead of posting a comment on the internet. What’s your point?

Jun 9 2016

Yeah, heel-toe is a bit of a misnomer. It’s ball-of-foot-side-of-foot.

Jun 4 2016

Counterpoint: The riders (AKA the people most qualified to make those decisions) are fully aware of the significant risks, and are willing to accept them. If they believe that the TT is unacceptably dangerous, they can choose not to compete (as the World Championship riders did after 1976), and the event would die out Read more

Jun 3 2016

Because this is a Gawker has to include racism at some point and be sure to virtue signal that they aren’t a Trump doesn’t matter if it is relevant to the conversation or not - one must make certain that the mods at Gawker know that you’re”not one of them...not one of those people”...One must Read more

Jun 3 2016

Because passing slowly is exactly the same thing as attempted murder. Yeah, go fuck yourself.

Jun 2 2016

“Ban it.” Typical pussified answer to everything by pussies like you. Living is inherently dangerous. Shit happens, deal with it and stop trying to make everything safer for everyone all the time.

May 30 2016

I’m sorry for the loss of your father. As a Vet I know what it’s like to lose friends and loved one’s but have never known what it’s like to lose an immediate family member, let alone a parent. There is no greater love than one who would lay down their life for another. We are forever indebted to your Father as well Read more

May 30 2016

Agreed. And my respect for your father and all other brave men and women who gave their life for our freedom. Read more

May 21 2016

Related Development: The FAA will now allow hours playing X-Plane to be logged for the Airline Transport Pilot rating.

May 19 2016

go look at the 1993-94 season(s) and look at those drivers. Now tell me it was unpopular.