Oct 22

Moore made made it iconic and enduring. He gave it depth and made it great. The original was campy, simple, and derivative. Perfect for me as a 10 year old, but in retrospect not even in the same league as the reboot.

Sep 1

Mazel to these two crazy kids!!! I feel soooo silly because I had NO IDEA that Niecy had such body-ody-ody...

Jul 22

I love that these are actual photographs rather than “artist’s interpretations. 

Jun 4

It’s embarrassing to admit this as a theatre person, but I liked the Cats movie. The stage musical is by nature of its source material not plot driven, which makes it not so great a choice as is for a blockbuster film audience. It’s concessions to that audience pisses off the purists, but it’s weirdness wings out the Read more

Apr 17

Sadly due to the implosion of the World Economy due to the Covid 19 pandemic it looks like we aren’t going back to the moon anytime soon. Read more

Mar 18

Writing is a solitary, grueling grind that only authors understand. It’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done. GRRM invented one of the best fantasy series in human history and spent years on it. Millions of people have enjoyed the results of his work and the TV adaptation. I’m not sure why you’re so angry with him after Read more

Mar 17

He’s a 71 year old man who looks like a 9o year old man.  15 years ago he also looked like a 90 year old man.  So maybe he is a wizard.

Feb 28

Of course, there’s only ever been one super Duck in my heart:

Feb 1

Or maybe you could Google the character yourself, instead of being a demanding asshat.

Jan 25

Why would it have been rushed? There was no announced release date.

Jan 19

I hope they will give some mention of the Dominion War. I know it’s 25 years later but considering the scope and how much loss there was, I’d hate to think it’s forgotten. It would also be a good explanation why Starfleet is different.

Dec 17

Willie was just so bad at saving the day in that “Treehouse of Horror.”