3:21 PM

Based off of what seems to be the consistent conscensus on those books’ quality, we should probably hope not?

3:05 PM

idk, if half of them tried to “influence” me to slap the shit out of the other half, I could probably be persuaded.

3:03 PM

So essentially this is a “Who’s Who of [American High School Students, Insurance Executives, __etc___” for the Exhausting Young People set, except you buy a ticket to a circle-jerk party awards event instead of a printed volume? Okay, seems legit.

1:30 PM

For those wondering why the “American Influencer Awards” are even a thing, whoever is behind has figured out that there are enough influencers out there who will buy tickets to the event in order to boost their engagement. IOW, it’s a grift, and the fact that this is the second one means the first one made money or Read more

10:27 AM

Not to mention all of the high-tech goodies included with the wall that will be exposed to the bad guys. Just kidding, concrete and steel are high tech to Jared.

7:41 PM

Quite right. The scene established Han as a rough guy. Hell it took me years to notice that Greedo even drew! I thought Han just recognized his intent and shot him. Read more

12:43 PM

Does he really think that crying because your husband might imminently die is unusual? Really? This is almost more baffling than the whole sweeping the forests thing. Almost.

11:17 AM

Finally! Someone on Kinja is covering the World Series. Too bad there’s not a site for that.
Clover, I enjoyed your article. I’d like to discuss one quote:
“there could be three teams out there to make it more interesting.”. Though I’m a baseball fan and I wouldn’t like this, I would like to watch a sport between three Read more

12:39 PM

So friends, I was there. I booed. We were all ready for it. Woman in front of me had an “IMPEACH 45" shirt on, another man had a shirt that said “End Windmill Cancer.” Around the 4th inning of every Nats game, they do a salute to troops who are attending the game, they roll the camera to the service men and women, and Read more

11:57 AM

Not a Halloween costume, but one of my friends always wanted to do Comicon as the first Doctor on day one, and the second Doctor on day two - in black and white. So he’d powder his face to be grey, and make the costumes purely from black, white and shades of grey. I really hope he does it one day!