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Remember when Kushner took info from the President’s daily brief about Saudis that weren’t so hot on MBS to his sleepover with MBS then a bunch of people got tortured and rolled for their fortunes? Good times. Read more

You’d think what they did to KB Toys and then FAO Schwarz would have been the warning, but we don’t listen too well in this country - that wouldn’t be ‘murican. Read more

Never apologize for not tweeting Read more

a fan, what the fuck for? venture capitalists are a feature, not a bug. like loving the patriots but saying tom brady is bad for the team... Read more

It isn’t enough, because someone else will try the same thing where the employees are more desperate for jobs and can’t quit and get away with it. Read more

All of our local Sonics closed down years ago. I only went to one of them, and you’d wait 15 minutes for your food, even though you were the only one there. I think they had 1 person working the whole place. Read more

“from at or near-minimum wages to tipped employee wages at approximately $4.00/hr.” Read more

Thanks for explaining my joke. Read more

I haven’t been to a Sonic in probably 10 years. They started cutting corners and their quality isn’t anywhere near what it used to be. Read more

Notes like these always fall flat for me when they’re our to many spelling errors in it.  Read more

1789 was hard for the French monarchy to understand too
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Boomers 30 years ago: “You’ll never amount to anything if you don’t go to college, you won’t even be fit to flip burgers! And the illegals are taking our jobs!” Read more

I’m old.

In the end, capitalism always eats itself.
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I think this is the genesis of something. Remember “A Day Without A Mexican?” I think they’re expanding that into “A Day Without A Minimum-Wage Earner.” Maybe not this year, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see someone try to organize might be disastrous, but I still think it could happen. Read more

No reason to ever go to any of those restaurants ever again. Read more

Just another corporate re-org looking to slash costs in pursuit of ROI. Sonic was acquired in December by Inspire Brands Inc which is a division of a private equity firm called Roark Capital Group.  Read more

Please. Filthy disgusting? It’s not like the new corporate owner of Sonic is Arby’s. Read more