Jun 25

I’ll be honest , that’s my favourite ‘Disney’ animated  movie , and It's criminally underrepresented in theme Park rides.

Apr 22

Wait... Is this a documentary that’s just one part and not dragged out needlessly over multiple episodes? Is that even legal?

Apr 22

Glad to be quarantined so I can be sobbing at my desk from the comfort of my home.

Mar 5

Amy was the true cop who made her name by locking up Black people in Minnesota....SIGH....We had our chance with Kamala and Castro but we are left with two damn near 80 year old White men vying for the nomination....I HATE THIS!!!!

Mar 5

I hope that she remains a Senator, and does not accept any type of cabinet position in a new administration. If Massachusetts can get a Democratic governor in when they next have an election, then bring her in, but the Senate is too close to lose her seat.

Feb 20

I was reading an article last night on the underlying theories behind each campaign, specifically Sanders and Warren, and I finally found a an analogy that explains the appeal to me of Warren over Sanders. Read more

Feb 20

Oh my god shut the fuck up, two states out of 50 have voted. I’m an obvious Bernie supporter but just shut upppppppppppppppppppppppppppp

Feb 17

I am absolutely loving the low-key IT reunion.

Her hair is telekinetic power
His car drives there, too.

Feb 14

Sorry, I kept getting kinjaed because an ad won’t load, thanks to that fucking herb Jim Spanfeller. Read more

Feb 5

Gilligan’s Island but Gilligan is in a cult and “crashes” to bring the passengers for ritual sacrifice. He’s been doing it for years and each passenger has to fit an archetype to satisfy whatever deities the cult worships.