I agree with you, but the problem is America is run by old rich people who want to protect their way of staying rich.  So long as that’s the case, this thin rhetoric will continue to be used in place of their real intentions. Read more

The only people I know* that want ALL THE GUNS are not hunters, they are suburban black helicopter nutjobs who think either the world is going to end on their watch or the gov’t is coming specifically for them, or some combo of both Read more

Respectfully, one of the most important things we can do to move the conversation is to stop conceding this point. Whether or not it is a “right” does not end the conversation, because even if it is (and this is not nearly as settled as the NRA pretends it is), there’s no right that’s not subject to restrictions. Read more

Me too. People are often shocked to hear that. They assume as a hunter I want ALL THE GUNS. No. Not only do I not want all the guns I also don’t want Joe Schmo to be able to walk into Walmart and just buy one. And I particularly don’t want Joe Schmo to just be able to buy the kind that can slaughter people. 
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Must be nice to have a functional and competent government :( Read more

I’m a hunter and I hate the NRA for not getting this.  Read more

Another key difference is that the New Zealand gun lobby has also come out in favour of banning them, openly stating that there’s no need for assault weapons to be legal while other rifles still regulated will be adequate for hunting needs. Read more

My mid-2011 is still running well, but is reaching “end of life” in Apple’s eyes, so while I’m in the market to replace it, I’ll definitely wait until the latest is out. Single best, most reliable laptop I’ve ever had.
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TX doesn’t care about resident’s privacy.......TX cares about lawmaker privacy. Residents are just collateral damage. Read more

Hopefully this

This is Lalas in a nutshell. He truly believes soccer is about “leadership,” “grit,” and “determination.” That’s because he knows shit about skill and tactics. USMNT is quite worthy of criticism, but not from this waste of space and his ra ra bullshit.
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Fuck the prosperity gospel. Straight=up cancer.
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Hands are fragile. If you’ve got them by the hair, it’s time for some Thai elbows or knees. Read more

There’s few things more chaotic than a fight. Read more

She’s probably dating a Hotep. Read more

She did it right: keep your head until the fighting starts, and don’t react until you’re ready. Read more

Colleen Dagg is officially invited to all the cookouts. Read more

Honestly this is what it’s going to take. While I don’t condone violence, it’s going to take white people calling out other white people on this shit. Also this is a classic case of don’t let your million dollar mouth write a check you 2 cent ass can’t cash. Read more