5/08/20 5:17PM

They would sell about 6,000 of these and never gain back the cost to get it crash tested. Just a reminder, Ford sold/sells something like 4,000 Focus RS’s a year. Hot hatchs are a hard sell in America. 

10/09/19 3:12PM

I have always hated subaru interiors. They are either clustered garbage or there is absolutely nothing. They’re so bad that the only way I would ever own a subaru is if it was a purpose built track car.

10/09/19 9:54AM

Only the lowest trim comes with the tiny screen and keypad now. But whoooo-boy are you right about build quality. My 2019 ST was delivered with part of the dashboard straight up missing.

9/23/19 11:46AM

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9/14/19 3:21PM

Urgh, wife and I were picking our way through the Mercedes C-Class catalogue yesterday and I swear the colour range is two whites, two blues, a red and about 20 variations on grey ranging from white, other white all the way through to black.

9/14/19 1:00PM

Problem with that theory is that blue and red paint pigment is way more expensive than silver, white and black. What manufactures need to do is focus on the gloss of the colours. The Silver on the new NSX looks extremely wet, and doesn’t make you think you bought the base model paint.

9/14/19 11:12AM

I wish they’d make gray and silver optional charges; they could still have blue and red as base colors which are acceptable to the straights, but make it an extra cost to have gray or silver and then fleet buyers will quietly drop it and we’ll have a step towards interesting cars again.