Jun 28 2018

Times heals all wounds....

Want proof? That Harlequin Golf!

1990's Me: Burn that pile of mis-painted trash in to the ground

2018 Me: *Squee!* Harlequin Golf!!!!

Sep 6 2017

For me it’s the reality of supercars. They’re pretty to look at, sure, but think about driving one. No, not your idealized version of driving one, think of actually driving one. Never being able to get on the throttle. Every idiot making their idiot comments. Being revved on by every jackass in a Civic or Read more

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Jun 14 2017

Could you imagine picking up an educated (shallow) woman for a first date in this thing?
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May 31 2017

Parker is one of the most annoying and arrogant youtube person. I wouldn’t mind seeing him trade places with Paul Walker.

Oct 19 2016

Ehhh... There’s a skill in positioning. Unless to you skill only means twitch-shooting. But the game’s skill is battlefield awareness. Stay as a group, know which heroes should be in front, which should stay back, HOW to stay back, etc. Read more

Sep 29 2016

There would be a lot of stranded motorists if McLaren and Honda were doing this project instead.

May 11 2015

It’s to the point where a black Challenger can’t even drive down the street anymore without being mistaken for some kind of criminal. These are sad times we live in.