Joe Boost
Sep 7 2017

Why do people still refer to Trump voters as if they are some weirdo fringe? We’re not dealing with The Rent Is Too Damn High guy or even Ron Paul people. He won, bigly. Being snarky might keep the smug superiority complex alive, but it doesn’t further your legislative agenda. Read more

Aug 31 2017

Where are they coming up with these numbers for maintenance costs? As in where did the 70k come from for the Lincoln? The old Town cars used the Panther platform, which had been around forever and ever and by that point was more or less bulletproof. I’ve been in a number of Crown Vic cabs that had well over 500k on Read more

Jul 5 2017

Any graph that doesn’t take into account inflation or some type of contextual qualifier such as a percentage of GDP, isn’t worth the paper it’s written on.

Apr 12 2017

Let’s not go bringing your fancy “logic” and “facts” in to this now.

Mar 21 2017

I’m not crying shut the fuck up you’re the one who’s crying.

Mar 16 2017

Your last statement is exactly how things got so fucked up. The gov’t thinks it’s too good to be run like everything else.

This whole “the gov’t isn’t a business” thing I a new Leftist’s point of view. The original intent was to have a small, highly-efficient group that did function like a well-run business. The gov’t Read more

Mar 16 2017

Do those 3,200 people give a damn about all the people they’ve put out of work???

And the air quality argument is a farce.

Feb 27 2017

I wanted to jump on the hate train, but I sorta feel like maybe you have a learning disability, or can’t read English. Either way, good luck.

Feb 16 2017

I came here to wank off watch at car pictures and get my mind off politics. Read more

Feb 16 2017

Why can you not read that this isn’t Jalopnik, it’s Foxtrot Alpha?

Feb 14 2017

Eight years of Michelle jetting her friends off to scenic vacation destinations and now all of a sudden, after your candidate lost, the cost of transporting the president becomes an issue.

Feb 8 2017

The readership hates Trump, so the author takes liberties positioning this as a Trump failure. It’s nice to see some folks being logical, despite the hatred. The guy’s a d-bag, but your take was the right one.

Jan 27 2017

Get back to us when you can include this sentence in your story: “Brown, who was only identifiable through DNA pube analysis, was deposited across several hundred yards of California freeway in a long, runny smear of bone matter and excrement.”