Oct 29 2019

As someone who was once part of a similar insurrection against arrogant, incompetent, and condescending management, I want to applaud all of y’all for today’s showing. I’m sure you’re simultaneously enjoying the fun of mutiny while also understanding the risk. Please also know how much it means to us here in the feebl Read more

Feb 13 2019

a cool thing kinja sites are doing now is snapping back to the top of the page after i’ve scrolled down to the portion i wish to actually read. very helpful

Aug 16 2018

Post-Nixon America was so traumatized by Nixon’s crookery that it swerved around to elect a Sunday school teacher who was nice to the public, didn’t lie, and worked tirelessly for peace. Sometimes the backlash is a good thing. Read more

May 21 2018

I wonder how Eagle’s fans feel knowing that they only win the super bowl in this, the darkest timeline?

May 18 2017

I maintain, that in an era that predates HDTV’s, that wasn’t the worst idea of all time.

Apr 4 2016

One time my brother threw a quarter into the toll tray from two cars back (the guy was one coin short and taking forever). The gate went up and I actually applauded from the passenger seat. This is the only thing I’ve seen that compares to that.

Sep 1 2015

I don’t see how that changes the answers. Literally every era prior to the present one is ranked worse than being hit by a car, in large part because of stuff like the example you gave.

Apr 23 2015

For those living or traveling in New York City; be aware that almost all of these knifes are considered weapons and you will be arrested if found with one. Read more

Sep 29 2014

I'm not sure why they're calling this a hiatus instead of what it is—MLS is contracting, with plans to expand again with a new, second team in L.A. That team will have a new name, stadium, owners, sponsors, kits, and presumably will not carry Chivas USA's history. This is not "rebranding." It'll be a completely Read more

Apr 17 2014

A friend of mine was born without his right hand. He has a small "nub" instead. When he was young, he used a prosthetic hand that he didn't like very much. We were on a soccer team for 6 and 7 year olds, and during one game he was using his prosthetic hand (and had had it on all day) when it became uncomfortable. So Read more