boomchampion, uppity negress
9:41 PM

“I would rather talk about the dishonesty of saying the personal isn’t political and talk about what we really sacrifice of ourselves when we enter into these romantic relationships with white partners. Why it is we keep trying to take politics out of our personal partnerships with white people, when they are clearly Read more

11:02 AM

I used to sew as a teen and would love to pick it back up. My gran died and left me one of her Singers but I may or may not get it. Im so accustomed to crafting real reasons why I don’t pursue what interests me. Maybe I like the idea of me doing those things more than doing them.

12:31 AM

Im of the unpopular opinion that jay zed is that lady’s handler. I stan neither; i know how the industry really works. He pimps her financially and otherwise. she gave up her agency and both her parents were down until matthew got iced out. Read more

4:07 PM

When the post first circled i confess, i took issue with the ‘unkept’ when they meant ‘unkempt’ and my brain wouldnt let me be baited beyond this offense. Shrug.

7:15 AM

This reminds me ive wanted to double back about the cardi discussion; i stated as fact that she was half trini because i had heard that ...turns out thats a lie and shes one hindred percent dmican. All the other things i said about phenotype being similar to trini ppl i grew up with and am accustomed to seeing remain Read more