Again, a wedding is a family event so it’s not lying. Although you claim you’ll cancel the contract, I suspect you actually wouldn’t because if you’re really hard up as you say, then you’ll take some money over no money. Read more

A wedding IS a family event so if you want to go for breach of contract, go right ahead. Read more

“Champing” not “chomping”. Read more

“Sorry about your divorce.” Read more

Marion County got de-gerrymandered after Christina Hale almost beat Victoria Spartz in 2020. The state GOP saw the writing on the wall, they gave the north side of Indpls back to the 7th District, so Carson is our Congressman again. Read more

I live in rural Indiana and also hate Rokita. Is not just an Indianapolis thing. I was ecstatic when he stopped being my ccongressman! Read more

Indpls here. Todd Rokita is a piece of shit, and almost as hated here as Pence was. This was nothing but politics and Rokita’s attempt to win favor with the the ultra right wing base as he plans to run for Governor. Read more

Trying to get comments on this site to load properly/efficiently should be on that subreddit lmao Read more

It seems like the average Star Wars Fan’s complaint is that these shows just keep giving us more Star Wars and I really wish they didn’t take the time to show us all this new and different Star Wars and just showed us the Star Wars. Read more

Who still says “FIRST” in 2023? Read more

Yes, imagining that is exactly what I said I was doing in my last sentence. Read more

You got to read Lauren Groff’s novel “matrix” if you have even half baked fantasies about joining a convent. A self sufficient fiefdom of female bespoke artisans…. I’m not gonna lie, it has appeal. Read more

Try again.

Maybe social media isn’t for you if you’re upset about what an actress's PA liked for her. Read more

Am I forgetting anything major? Read more

All this drama about adding cream to soda as though we haven’t been doing that for 150 years. I literally go out of my way to visit a local ice cream shop for egg creams. It’s not a new invention. It’s not weird. I don’t know how the children missed this, but I’m mostly mystified by how adults are reacting. Read more

You sound like someone who yells at waiters Read more

if you know Baltimore and that means something to you” Read more