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Nov 2 2018

After my granFanda died, I discovered she had snuck little bits of money into money markets, CD’s and savings accounts in my name since my birth. I was notified of this by her sister via a post card with my first clue (because she made it a treasure hunt). All told she left me 24k. The knowledge of that money, of the Read more

Aug 3 2018

Watch this movie with closed captioning on. At one point, Rodney Dangerfield is credited with “aggressive flatulence.”

Jul 22 2018

I alternate between days when I think nothing will ever come from this and growing belief that so much of team Trump will go down in a spectacular fireball. Recently I’ve been having more of those growing belief kind of days. There *has* to be enough there.

Jul 21 2018

Robert Jeffress, you are a disgrace to the church. On the contrary to what you claim, what you and everyone like you has done is exactly what Jesus was warning about. Read more

Jul 21 2018

“The reason we supported President Trump, uh, President, uh, Reagan, was not because we supported womanizing or divorce, we supported his policies,” Jeffress added. Read more

Jun 25 2018

Also “There were no people. Only Indians lived there.” Which isn’t a character speaking — it’s presented as a narrative truth.

Jun 17 2018

Not gonna lie, Rihanna is a high functioning alcoholic and a mean girl. I say this as a fan.