Aug 29 2015

Sorry if this ends up being a double post, I got kinjaed. This is our kitty Hamish Hercules [ourlastname], aka Handsome Boy, Kitty Face, Fluffy Butt, Mr Meow, Sir MeowMeow Von Meowington, Hey You Damn Cat, etc.

Aug 29 2015

Haha! I love it! That reminded me of another one I give either of the cats if they get fleas - Bug Face Kittah.

Aug 29 2015

I had a cat named Decibel, who quickly became “face” which was (very) short for “momma’s little kitty faced boy.” I was ridiculous over that cat.

Aug 18 2015

Any chance you could ask him to respond with a letter of his own? You put a lot of thought and effort into your letter. Before meeting up with him again — or talking on the phone — it might be valuable to see if he’s invested enough to at least try to put his thoughts down in writing.

Jul 22 2015

I look forward to the hard-hitting expose by Jordan Sargent about me peeing in my backyard this week while I waited for a plumber to come and fix our broken pipes.

Jul 16 2015

Courtney Kerr was my first favorite style blogger and she remains pretty much the only one I still follow. You may remember her from Bravo’s Most Eligible Dallas and Courtney Loves Dallas. She mixes high end with a lot of low to mid end brands, but it’s easy to replicate and I draw a lot of inspiration from her. This Read more

Jul 15 2015

I’ve just been experimenting with cooking times and temps so far, and there’s loads of places online for recipes and suggestions. Read more