Jul 2

I too, hate media companies attempting to do the due diligence of verifying information before posting a story that might impact people’s lives.

Sep 10 2019

Wow, very insightful. Definitely keep the whole Internet posted on that.

Aug 26 2019

My issue with this trailer and most of the trailer breakdowns and theories for the Disney films is this: why are some many of the supposed hints based on story or character elements from outside the films?

Aug 16 2019

Actually, Bungie split from Microsoft in 2007. Part of the deal was that they’d make two more Halo games (ODST and Reach) during the first few years of their independence.

Jul 17 2019

That seems logical, but given the whole movie was a commentary on #fakenews and that people don’t logic any more (since the rise of birtherism, at least) that wouldn’t be convincing to everyone. Read more

Jul 17 2019

Talos and his crew aren’t the entire Skrull population, though.  In fact, that could be an interesting idea -- perhaps the Skrull come to earth demanding that Talos’s people be turned over to them, to be tried as traitors and deserters.

Jul 16 2019

When you buy your ticket for live action Akira you also get free copies of Winds of Winter and Half Life 3

Jun 12 2019

It makes no sense to get upset over imagery in a work of fiction until you know in what context the imagery is being used. Also, a depiction of a fictionalized world is likely to contain portrayals of real bigotry, especially one set in this universe, so it’s not appropriate to assume that just because bigotry is Read more

Jun 12 2019

As an older player I have made this mistake before. So I can't place blame. Just trying to help. Also there isn't proof that the screenshot is the battle he mentioned so he could be reporting correctly.

Jun 11 2019

I love this man. I miss this man, his voice, his eloquence, his succinctness, his intelligence of how to talk about and frame issues.

Jun 10 2019

This may sound crazy, but if you loved everything about the older game and its playstyle... you can still play the older game with its playstyle. It will always be there. For something new, I can see why they’d want to modernize some aspects because that battle system is 20+ years old and they get to bring back Read more

Jun 10 2019

I mean, you could just keep playing the original. I was impressed by the combat on this.

May 1 2019

Yeah, I’d definitely rather focus on the fact that she shared, like, a thing implying that grieving parents’ pain was false then the fact that she’s not the best voice actor.