Feb 6

I’d love to hear some objective reviews from other Jezebel staff. These videos come off as rude and it sounds like you’ve long made up your mind before even watching the films. This is a legitimate review, I’m not trying to attack you in anyway I’m just disappointing in whats being presented to us. People hate movies Read more

Feb 6

You guys are really committed to these shitty videos, aren’t you? 

Oct 7

I know it’s a look that works for him, but Lando seems to be wearing exactly what he did in Empire. I guess when you get it so right so early, why bother changing anything? Read more

Oct 6

Please, oh please DC - don’t try to connect this to your next Batman film. Don’t cancel Matt Reeves’ Batman flick to do a darker take that’s a sequel to that one. Seriously, Matt Reeve has been saying all the right things, so if you can or meddle in his film in favor of this barely-relared Taxi Driver wannabe, I’ll be Read more

Oct 6

My favorite part of the movie was when we learn that the Joker’s real name was actually Joseph Kerr.

Oct 4

You didn't insult me back, kudos for that, you're a real one. Also it could be argued that the Charlie Chaplin thing was just another one of Arthur's delusions.

Sep 25

Let me ask you a question: Why would a man whose shirt says “Genius at Work” spend all of his time watching a children’s cartoon show?

Sep 25

Anyone remember the white powder? What the hell?

Sep 12

The best horror sequel is, as always, Wes Craven’s New Nightmare. It’s a horror film about making a horror film, starring the actual actress who starred in the original horror film being terrorized by the monster from that horror film. It’s so meta, it’s amazing.

Sep 5

Whenever Bullet isn’t on screen, all the other characters should be asking “Where’s Bullet?”

Sep 2

Ah, your comment inspired me to look again, thank you. On my set, you can’t access it from the quickmenu. But under the main menu, picture settings, you have to select a particular picture mode so it displays the brightness/contrast etc, scroll down off the screen on that submenu, select another submenu (I think “pictu Read more

Aug 28

I find the fact that his name is Jay Dee but his nickname is B.J. for more offensive/questionable than the drunken brawling.

Aug 1

Design meeting:

What should the failure mode be for the wave generator?”
“Nothing, it should just die quietly and stop functioning.”
“We could do that. Or.. and hear me out on this one...”

Jul 29

oh yeah dude. huge oversight on my part not including a lengthy aside disavowing ariana grande in this post. I'll get right on that