Leslie Horny
7/08/15 10:14AM

I’ve never commented on a Gizmodo article but this the single faggotest thing I’ve ever fucking heard. You’re a fucking vagina.

3/13/15 10:28AM

Old one looks bad too. Headlight arrangement reminds me of someone with a lazy eye.

12/18/14 2:07PM

The Fusefire lets you load five discs in the chamber at once, and you have slots in the front to store another five. Read more

11/18/14 1:08PM

I felt the same, but found myself watching it to see when the wife would get naked.

9/15/14 12:48PM

If it's an Intel based board, you can (and should) install their Rapid Storage Technology driver and utility pack. It gives you info on the drives, keeps you informed of the status and warns you when there is an issue. Read more

8/19/14 8:18PM

The only thing that Facebook is good for is giving me my Gizmodo, Wire, and Engadget fix.....seriously....I spend hours reading articles from these sites which all originate from a link on facebook....then I'm like..."wtf? Where did all the time go?" I have to get back to my coding tutorials and homework that I have Read more

7/28/14 7:29AM

>Over the next 14 years, he led an army of (mostly) naked child soldiers (they wore boots) and flamed the fans of Liberia's civil war. Read more

10/08/13 9:18PM

Because I signed up when it was still hotmail and MS didn't change it to @outlook. Stop being a jerk about it. Not everyone feels high and mighty for using gmail.