Jul 17

Drove a lot of Preludes in the 80’s, and I’d gladly take any Si model. The 4WS would just be gravy. 

Jul 16

i have loved late ‘80s preludes since like, the late ‘80s. they were just so neat.

Jul 10

This is a HORRIBLE idea. If these “employees” do not proactively do some serious policing there will be hordes more criminals” Read more

Jul 9

What Tesla are you buying for 28-30K? I’m looking on their website and the Model 3 is 38-55K MSRP. and the Model Y is 53-61K.

Jul 8

Why do I have a strong suspicion that most of y’all saying “no stick, no sale! would find another excuse not to buy it even if it did have a stick?

Jul 8

No stick up front, but still a stick in the back. Every other competitor has a rear IRS, and manual option. Read more

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Jun 17

Given Tesla’s quality control issues, I’m assuming this was merely an opportunity for Musk to disappoint two women at once.

Jun 16

New Mach 1, but no shaker hood scoop? That’s disappointing. The rest seems on par with what I figured it would be, but without the shaker it’s just not the same. Read more

Oct 8

Nah, not bad. Kristen Lee and I read hate mail to each other last week without letting the other see it beforehand and were surprised at how bad it was. You can know a situation, very well, and still be surprised!