Bo Knows
11/27/19 12:00PM

This is JC. He plays this character for comedy and to elicit exactly the type of reaction here in your article. These types of reactions are the real comedy.

8/19/19 11:34AM

It’s about as well reasoned as your “learn to code” bullshit

7/29/19 1:18PM

When will this trope end? Expensive cars always demographic to older buyers. Kids in their 20's don’t have money for them. I was pumped in my 20s to afford a Solstice GXP (31k at the time). I still cant justify a Vette and our household income is Porsche territory now. Life gets in the way far too much to spend 80k on Read more

7/29/19 1:05PM

A majority of the people ordering the new Corvette are people under 40. It’s a shame that some of you are so immature that you actually post crap like that here.

1/09/19 12:38PM

So, he did do his research. But way to be an asshole on day whatever the fuck.

2/27/18 5:04PM

The email to the Mail also claimed that the tool would not work for cars that had over 311 miles/500 kilometers. Read more

2/16/18 5:06PM

Alas. That there’s a car you can sell for way too much money. And just wait, in a few more years it’s going to get even worse/better for people trying to buy/sell them.