Bo Knows
Nov 27

This is JC. He plays this character for comedy and to elicit exactly the type of reaction here in your article. These types of reactions are the real comedy.

Aug 19

It’s about as well reasoned as your “learn to code” bullshit

Aug 5

Actually, I have an associate here who wants to be closer to family there so I want to make that work for her.  I am a mean bastard who hates women and minorities.  Get it straight.  😉

Jul 29

When will this trope end? Expensive cars always demographic to older buyers. Kids in their 20's don’t have money for them. I was pumped in my 20s to afford a Solstice GXP (31k at the time). I still cant justify a Vette and our household income is Porsche territory now. Life gets in the way far too much to spend 80k on Read more

Jul 29

A majority of the people ordering the new Corvette are people under 40. It’s a shame that some of you are so immature that you actually post crap like that here.

Jul 19

North Atlantic take - show me a small warship with the engine in the front and I’ll show you something that isn’t a corvette. Maybe this is the first REAL Corvette ...

Jul 9

Something greater in value, eh? How about some Hollywood memorabilia?