Francisco Trejo
May 18 2017

This is just another sad reminder of how I lost my ass with the Ice Juice IPO debacle ;)

Apr 6 2017

I’ve been trying for months to get ungreyed on Giz and Jez and it’s just never panned out for me. Plus I’ve been THIRSTING for a “gawker” replacement - news and stories that don’t fit the specific demos of Gizmodo Media Group blogs (Women, Tech, Sports, Cars, etc). Read more

Apr 6 2017

I’ve been planting my flag in Jezebel, and it seems post-Gawker to be catering a little more to us riff-raff, but I wonder if they feel that the likes of me are ‘barbarians at the gate.’ I would be interested in a Gawker 2.0 even if they didn’t call it that by name.

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Feb 18 2016

The Earth One version is definitely what Gotham, BvS, and others are drawing from. It took Alfred from James Bond-esc MI6 officer to the working class Royale Marine/SAS world. Seems to be the new standard for all adaptations.

Nov 6 2015

It’s almost as if that’s what the article were about...

Oct 29 2015

Right now, this is what the world looks like to Samer.

Oct 28 2015

You just reminded me that I need to incorporate “like an amish widow” into more conversations. <applause>

Oct 27 2015

“if your model of events assumes a fourteen-year-old nerd is secretly a master criminal capable of manipulating all of his teachers, law enforcement first responders, and the national media, rather than that a fourteen-year-old-nerd is just really bad at reading social cues, your model of events is garbage.” Read more

Oct 23 2015

Yeah, I forgot about those two and totally mean to catch them both.

Oct 22 2015

Sounds like a section soliciting and curating amateur pornographers to submit their own videos. Possibly with a revenue sharing scheme of some kind. Read more

Feb 13 2014

Me too. I think Miklós is trying to prove that Hungary makes the best science fiction movie posters. And he's pretty much convinced me.

Nov 20 2013

Hi Vincze, I'm the guy who shot the Imagination vid you posted, and your info is absolutely correct for Image Works (your top set of photos). The "New Global Neighborhood" section is the post-show for Spaceship Earth, and that was refurbished when Siemens took over as the sponsoring company.

BTW, if anyone wants to see Read more