Bobby Shekondar (aka helent on disqus)

I shouldn’t have to point it out but : being a virgin does not inherently indicate you have problems with your sexuality. Read more


You couldn’t find a better picture than one of a lab in which they’re preparing to test things in rabbit’s eyes?  Because that’s what that is. 

Apr 13

Is it possible a 7yo girl got ahold of Britney’s Instagram? Because I have a text chain going on with a 7yo girl (niece) and it looks identical to that Instagram caption.

Apr 12

Truly an obnoxious and inappropriate headline to this article. As a physician in Breast Imaging, I can tell you that we are seeing this on a daily basis, but it has not led to SINGLE unnecessary biopsy on any patient. This has been seen with other vaccinations, such as influenza, but not to this degree. At worst it Read more

Apr 9

Putting the events of the episode aside- I gotta tell you, this review is really beautifully written. Contrasting Steve, John and Bucky and adding that empathetic personal touch- top notch writing. Read more

Apr 7

But this generation ship apparently starts off with no adults on board, which seems pretty... idiotic. 

Apr 6

Look, all i’m going to say is that the Legends would have sorted that all out in no time flat... Read more

Apr 6

Lament how Britney Spears was treated, then pick pick pick away at Pete Davidson?

Apr 6

I know this is Jez, but what is up with the headline? Are we shaming adults for living with family members, especially adults dealing with mental health? It is common in many communities across the world for adults to live with their extended families. As a mom, I actually wish it was more common. Raising a toddler Read more

Apr 2

We don’t like April Fool’s jokes, but we do love dogs. So if we combine the two into something adorable...

Apr 1

Every time Vergara looks at or even thinks of her husband Joe, she must be like Nick Loeb who? And he knows that and it’s eating at him. I love that.

Mar 31

Ashley, as terms and phrases change over time, and since I’m old and decrepit, I thought your headline was urging Warren to bang this nerd.

Mar 30

Eh, think I’d not really be down with people posting pics of me from high school without my consent, being that I was a super awkward teen and all. People have complicated relationships with their high school selves and what might look like a perfectly nice photo to an outsider might trigger a lot of painful feelings Read more

Mar 25

My mom is from New Orleans. She married a Chicagoan whose people came from Austria. When these families began swapping dishes, my mom found that my dad’s people could not handle much of anything in the way of hot peppers so she was really surprised when they introduced her to their homemade horseradish that knocked Read more