12:53 PM

I was confused until I got to “the dealer’s service bay is open 24 hours.” That’s pretty sweet. The fact that I don’t know of any 24/7 auto repair shops in Los Angeles makes me feel like it’d be a good business opportunity. Read more

10:01 AM

It lacks traditional controls like pedals and a steering wheel, freeing up room for commuters who will share rides. Read more

5:34 PM

Alanis saved my life more than anyone will ever know, providing much needed backup for Jalopnik’s racing coverage when I really, really needed it. Trying to keep an eye on all the racing series all the time was exhausting as the only person here who was paying close attention to it, and being able to trade off weekend Read more

8:43 PM

ClamBER. Unless you’re just sitting behind the wheel and you and the passengers are all shouting vehemently , in which case ‘clamor’ is just fine.

2:23 PM

Thank you! People talk about torque all wrong imo. Peak Torque is a fairly meaningless figure. All cars should just come with HP curve graphs instead of Peak Tq and Peak HP figures. 

11:30 PM

I have a thing for manual variants of cars that we tend to see only with autos. Like my ‘94 ZJ, or these minivans, or a Ford Aerostar, or a Saturn Vue, or, heck, a Ford Escape. Read more

2:54 PM

Someone forgot to do any research into how hydrogen is sourced, and how that compares to other fuel sources. We’re either using natural gas to create the hydrogen, or via electrolysis which is more energy intensive than just charging the batteries of a BEV.

4:37 PM

If my Jeep was that frozen, I think I would have just let it go.

12:39 PM

Alfa being Alfa, no problem. There is already such a robust after market parts system for Alfa, it is the only company that I don’t worry about parts for ageing or abandoned cars.

11:10 AM

I really, really hate that Maserati, Alfa and, to a lesser degree, Fiat have been left to anguish while they focus on putting big-screen infotainment in RAM and tacking a pick up bed on the back of the Wrangler. 

9:07 PM

Hey Torch, man, thanks for a bunch of good times here. I’m sorry the site is exploding due to weaponized incompetence, but if it’s any consolation the work you and your colleagues do is great, and I am confident it will soon be recognized by someone who knows how to, say, own and operate a media website.

11:21 AM

So everybody in Editorial is mad about this too. Besides the fact that it looks terrible, we have to actually work in Kinja all day long. Read more

7:36 PM

Aero engineer here. The simple answer is power density and weight of batteries. Keep in mind that you have to generate enough lift to carry them, in addition to the plane, cargo, and passengers. Given a relatively fixed speed, that means somehow dramatically increasing the coefficient of lift. You can do it for Read more

8:39 AM

People with zero common sense and “wrenching” know how go right into releasing for the most part. The team they work with helps prevent them from making mistakes of previous engineers. You don’t need to have wrenching experience to design a vacuum pump. They guys deciding where everything goes and the general shape Read more