Jul 29

I drove manuals in hours long traffic on the 405 in LA. It’s shitty, but it’s shitty in anything. It wasn’t enough to make me want to quit the clutch.

Jul 15

I worked on a version of this on an R&D project a few years ago. It’s really an issue around autonomous emergency braking (AEB) with manuals. Having AEB where the engine stays engaged increases braking distance. Also, you get the added benefit of stall prevention, clutch overheat prevention, etc. Also, just add a Read more

Jul 10

The transmission is bespoke to the diesel engine in the Gladiator lineup, and comes with “more than 40” programmed shift maps that are supposed to be “variably optimized for specific capability.” Read more

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Jul 8

I mean, as long as we’re going there...

Jul 2

Ok Dodge. You know you have to do it. It’s the most ridiculous thing you have left. Read more

Jun 30

I haven’t been active on Facebook for years because I want quality content in my life not viral garbage, so I’m happy automakers are now coming around to this view. Read more

Jun 26

A battery bank is not a generator.  No number of links to consumer products grossly mislabeled “generator” will not change that fact.  It just means there are other people making the same, stupid mistake.

Jun 25

Yeah... no. It’s not a generator. It’s a power storage device. Y’know, a battery.  It doesn’t create power   Read more

Jun 20

as it takes on the Jeep Wrangler for dominance among the off-roading parking on curbs at the mall and doing 95 on off-road tires crowd.