Mar 16 2017

Mazel Tov! This is the most heartless shit I’ve had the displeasure of reading in a while...

Mar 16 2017

Roommates, public transportation and one decent meal a day. At least that’s how I did it before heading to NJ.

Mar 16 2017

That rent is more then my monthly salary. NY people how do you live in NY!?

Mar 16 2017

Lol — seriously? Do you remember this?

Mar 16 2017

This is a good point. I do think informed consent laws should be tighter to avoid incidents like the man (cited in the book, IIRC) who kept flying to California on his own dime for “treatments” that weren’t treatments at all, but medical research the doctor was doing that had no value to the patient. That was Read more

Mar 16 2017

I’m sure I’ll get in trouble for this but, if you take away privacy concerns, I see no inherent injustice done in using discarded tissue for medical research. In fact, I see much more issue in wasting hard-to-obtain medical samples and losing valuable information that could help solve devastating medical issues. Read more

Mar 15 2017

I haven’t had such a mixed response to a trailer in a long time. Parts of it look really compelling (the more understated parts), and then just as many of the clips seemed to have a good bit of overwrought scenery chewing. Some of the lines are pretty heavy-handed. I hope the adaptation does justice to the nuance of Read more

Jan 4 2017

The police need to change. I’m not surprised that the few comments that have already been posted have been about the Mother; but when I was reading this article all I could think of was how situations like this could have been handled, if the police would taken the time to separate individuals and sit and talk to them Read more

Oct 14 2016

Those soundbites were a Mobius strip of saying nothing. It crossed the event horizon of meaninglessness and held up a mirror into the gaping chasm of redundancy.

Sep 22 2016

Seriously. The most I ever paid for a tote like that was $50, and it was in the form of a Kickstarter Pledge to Reading Rainbow. If not associated with a good cause, something like that tops out at $20, and that’s if it’s really cute.

Sep 22 2016

Congrats! You’re a bag that screams, “I don’t know why the hell my idiot friends thought I’d want this Draper James ‘gone shoppin’’ bag but I have to wear it out at least twice so they see me using it.” Read more