6/01/16 8:54PM

She wasn’t speeding. There isn’t a shred of evidence (apart from Internet speculation) that she was texting or on her phone. There’s no evidence she was tailgating. The car two cars in front of her did stop suddenly mid-block. The woman in the car in front of her wasn’t wearing a seat belt. Caitlyn obviously didn’t Read more

6/01/16 8:33PM

She's not an object- she's a strong woman standing up for an issue she believes in. She is empowered by her nudity. What is wrong with that?

6/01/16 8:29PM

so you're saying that any woman who wears makeup or is a model or images themselves in an artistic way with nudity or allows herself to be imaged with complete authority- then she STILL is doing something wrong? If she were wearing a cardigan would this be cool? Please explain where a woman is allowed out of the Read more

6/01/16 8:11PM

People who are saying that it’s more common because there are so many more female teachers are incorrect. Broad, well-conducted official studies show that almost all perpetrators of teacher-student sexual abuse are men and almost all victims are girls. Cases where it’s a teenage boy and a female teacher are just more Read more

6/01/16 8:00PM

I hear you, but he and that gal sure do seem to be in real love and have a lot of genuine fun together...and I used to live in that same neighborhood, and the stroller situation was OUT OF CONTROL and stroller pushers were really aggressive. I’m glad someone’s taking a stand.

6/01/16 7:56PM

Eh. I’m a mom and I would agree with the stroller thing. Some moms think they’re pushing a goddamn tank. It’s like sidewalk walking etiquette in general. Don’t take up the whole fucking thing, don’t walk 4 people across if other people are trying to walk in the other direction, and slow the hell down with your Read more

6/01/16 7:50PM

You know what, I’m okay with that idea. Hear me out - there’s nothing like being hurried along by the wheels of a stroller while you’re walking through Disneyland because a parent wants to get their kid to a parade or ride. Not only does it hurt when someone rams a damn stroller into your legs, you are also on the Read more

6/01/16 7:39PM

Patrick Stewart lives in my neighborhood and he wants all the people with strollers to walk in a designated lane in the street, so he’s not mildly inconvenienced. He also married a waitress from the local fancy pizza place who’s 40 years younger than he is. Read more

6/01/16 7:23PM

It’s not advertising a product, it is trying to bring awareness to a tragic issue. It’s not like she’s selling a perfume or something. Context is important here. Read more

6/01/16 7:08PM

There is a “dog bites man” element to this, too. Male abuse of girls is sadly so common that it can go unremarked upon; when the teacher is a woman and the victim is a boy, that can suddenly be newsworthy.

6/01/16 7:06PM

I don’t know how she self-identifies, but the teacher here certainly appears to be a person of color, no?

6/01/16 6:48PM

More male teachers than female teachers are prosecuted for sexual abuse (according to this article, 2/3 of the cases in 2014 involved male teachers). Given that women are the majority of teachers, the numbers say that male teachers are much more likely to sexually abuse students. We just don’t hear about it in the Read more

6/01/16 6:38PM

There was an incident not very long ago at this same school where a teacher gave a student a “full contact lap dance” for his birthday. She got caught because another student made a video of it. So you have to wonder what is going on at this middle school, with this very sexualized environment.

6/01/16 6:32PM

These photographs show the freedom and liberation of women and the voice to make an impact on a greater cause

6/01/16 6:24PM

It’s probably because there are more women teachers than men teachers. Go to any public school in America and you’ll see the teaching staff is a woman majority. So, it’s just a numbers game.

6/01/16 6:23PM

Across the country, teaching is an overwhelmingly female profession, and in fact has become more so over time. More than three-quarters of all teachers in kindergarten through high school are women, according to Education Department data, up from about two-thirds three decades ago. The disparity is most pronounced in Read more

6/01/16 6:10PM

She didn’t have sex with a student, she raped a student. Language is important.