When they sent the Delorean to Lotus for suspension tuning Read more

The difference is that the skip shift condition was always in place, when X and Y happened it kept you from shifting to 2nd, this was true in the test and the real world.
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Ford is taking a new approach to this whole “beat Ferrari” thing. Read more

No way they’re using cut threads, that’s a vastly inferior method to rolled threadforms. The fatigue strength is not nearly the same. I’m also surprised they’d take the head to body strength hit by going with a machined fastener in general. 

/Fastener Engineer. Read more

This guy is just so profoundly full of shit. The gauge of the primary conductor alone would have to be six inches in diameter to operate at 48v. Read more

The biggest axe against it being an alien megastructure project is the fact its an F-type star. F-types only live a couple billion years, depending on mass.
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Fed Ex driver may soon be an Ex Fed Ex driver.
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Imagine this as an entire racing series. Would this work for you?

As an Sc400 owner, any mention of the Sc430 makes me have the desire to strangle something innocent. +1 for visceral rage. Read more

Hilariously “Gromance” has already been co-opted by Honda’s marketing department! Read more

If anyone’s ever ridden dinky on the back of a buddy’s Grom, please recount the experience in the comments. Read more

Just popped in to pick a nit. The catalytic converter doesn’t filter or trap, it catalyzes. It provides a substrate that facilitates reactions that break down unwanted byproducts of combustion. Nothing is trapped in the catalyst, it is reacted to something less harmful and released. Read more

I see the point of 3D printing. Seriously. Read more

Because RPM has little to do with fuel usage compared to other factors. It factors into the BSFC chart, but load is far far more important. I can rev my engine to redline in neutral and use much less fuel than full throttle, lugging my engine at idle. Read more

Yknow what produces some nice torques? Electric motors. Here's one Jeep fan hoping for a hybrid.... Read more

Welp, FCA sure isn’t selling 200,000 a month to off-roaders. Read more

I guess it’s only a matter of time before an actual one in a million case comes up... Read more

When her looks go she is screwed!
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