Blood Cubic Zirconia
Apr 7

Where are you from? Because if you are a murrican, I would be very, very careful about pointing fingers at others regarding human rights. Voting rights, transgender rights, immigrant children in cages etc.

Mar 4

I’m a conflicted over this. I got the full $1,200 as did my wife and eldest daughter, and my youngest daughter got $500. The thing is, wife and I make good money and daughters are attending school on scholarships and grants. None of us has lost a dime. Read more

Mar 4

Which shows how far-right wingnut the modern GOP has become, by comparison.

Feb 18

THIS is exactly the kind of classic you want. Reminds me of my old Frankencar, a 1962 356B T-6 Coupe. Had the engine from a 64, was painted decently a light yellow color but it was originally blue which you could see when it chipped anywhere and some areas of the interior, but it ran like an absolute top and needed

Feb 17

What exactly does he think government is supposed to do? Just keep the streets free of Black people and collect kickbacks?

Feb 17

These mental midgets really make me crazy. As puny, vulnerable individuals with very limited funds (VERY in my case) we band together and finance, with our hard won earnings, organizations that can then use that combined fund and strength to enhance our quality of life, protect our environment and resources and do Read more

Feb 17

So if the residents decided not to pay their utilities bills, would the mayor have expected the power company to just suck it up? Also, does his residence have power?

Feb 3

Listen buddy, I saw a copy of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney on the shelf at a game shop years ago. I didn’t buy it but let me tell you, looking at the cover picture taught me a lot about the legals and the briefs, so I think I’m qualified to say that this is a clear-cut win for the claim-man against the bad-team, for a Read more

Jan 29

The ol’ trip down memory lane. I haven’t seen a car bra up close in decades. What were we thinking back then?!?! Read more