Steve in Manhattan
Aug 16

But Grandpa Joe might be our only chance to drop the 25 year import rule down to 15 like Canada 😁

Aug 16

Im glad he likes cars, I really am. And Im glad he’s not an amoral narcissistic pathological liar only interested in his own self interests. That being said, I sure wish we had a choice that wasn’t between that and grandpa Joe.  

Jul 31

I like my Mazda5 6MT, and wouldn’t know what to do if I needed to replace it. If there were a million out there instead of just a few hundred I might have a chance at getting another should the need arise...  😋

and 1 more
Jul 12

Pretty sure that guy is a chiropractor - there is also an F-150 with the same livery in the fleet, both street-parked.

Jun 28

Tires look suitable for a 61 model, but at the same time, they look fine here too.

May 27

That old Hilux didn’t survive that way by itself in that harsh environment, must be somebody’s baby.  Same for the 505.