5/08/15 11:17PM

A knuckleheads from team blipshift are in! We’ve 1000 virtual hp to give out in sticker form... +5hp increments only. Add that to the Jalopnik bump, and it could be like crossing the streams

11/13/14 10:29PM

It was imported in '99, but we did not do the importing. Also, we found out it doesn't float, so uhh, don't try to drive one here.

11/13/14 10:30AM

This is seriously in the plans. We're looking for someone to build an EXO for it first... anyone? ...bueller?

11/12/14 10:00PM

Tires are 35" BFG KM2 Mud-Terrains. They're much better on pavement than the original military spec tires that rumbled through a resonant frequency pulling up to every stop sign.

11/12/14 4:26PM

"The Volvo-branded inflatable crash-dummy sex-doll popping out of the window didn't hurt either."

We swear that came with the truck..

8/11/14 2:43PM

It was driven on the Interstate to and from MMC. It will do ~52 with a tailwind but is much happier up to its knees in mud at walking speeds.

8/11/14 2:40PM

Yeah, our rock-throwing depth gauge proved to be inaccurate. Flag cleaned. Truck still muddy.

11/25/13 11:13AM

Our tees are soft, 4.5oz combed ring-spun cotton.

11/12/13 4:02PM

We'd like to keep the dimensions roughly 12" x 15" but design dependent, we can work with something else. Think, giant dragon tattoo style with a miata in the middle of the fire*, totally worth it to do an oversize design. *disclaimer, you cannot now enter with this design, as awesome as it sounds.

11/11/13 1:42PM

How crappy are we talking here? Like, 'by god my eyes!' crappy, or 'hey, what a cute picture your 2 year old drew, lets put it on the fridge' crappy? Both, by the way are accepted unconditionally <3