For me, ‘Brolic’ are white fratboy types who go to Dave Matthews Band concerts wearing backward baseball caps and drunkenly yelling ‘whoooo’ while spilling beer on me. He may or may not be tanned or muscular but he is never without at least three other white dudes and one chick named Megan or Becca who wears Uggs. He Read more


I’m trying not to be judgemental, trying to take a “live and let live” approach but this shit is just too much. Read more


Not my thing but I won’t knock these ladies’ hustle. I’ll wish them well and keep it moving.

Jul 31

I just want white people to learn how to survive on their own without white supremacy. I don’t want them to be dependent on racism and government handouts. I want them to learn how to provide for their families and educate them without stealing from Black people.

Jul 30

I must admit I am a bit surprised by this gentle and factual obituary. No judgement, just surprise.

Jul 29

“Hey, let’s degrade all these people who have achieved far more in their lives than us, because we disagree with their politics! Who needs facts anyway?!” Read more

Jul 28

He may get the trappings of a presidential funeral but he certainly won’t get the attendance or respect of past presidents. Tradition may force our tax dollars to pay for that spectacle but it can’t force anyone...anyone of substance, that attend. Read more

Jul 23

This young man complies with policy all the way through high school and, just as he’s about to shake the dust of the place from his feet, they demand he destroy/erase a part of himself he’s cultivated during that same time. Read more

Jul 7

I’m curious why ever single account of this event...including this packed with “...says”, “”, “...alleges. Read more