3/19/20 9:27AM

“No, Biden wants to pivot right after winning the primaries, so maybe Bloomberg, Hillary or Mitt?” Read more

3/17/20 10:22PM

I think we should let them die. If a company claiming billions in profits can’t manage to have a few months “rainy day” fund then they don't deserve to remain in business. Capitalism cuts both ways.

3/17/20 8:55PM

I guess compared to her ex regarding her new partner, Tiffany just sees more in Common.

3/13/20 8:08PM

Man, how much more important do the 2018 midterms look now?

3/13/20 8:39AM

I’ve thought about this a lot but settled on that at least people who do this job may still have work. And honestly maybe it makes some sense for the people who can afford this kind of service to leave groceries at the store for those who can’t. I have several friends in the service industry who are looking at reduced Read more

3/13/20 7:02AM

But, she has faced the consequences. But, like, is she supposed to want to be in confinement? Is it very important to you that people who stand up for what they think is right be punished?  

3/13/20 1:33AM

As a retail worker about to get hit hard with this, I can sympathize with having to be out and exposed. But people shouldn’t have to feel bad about ordering delivery services: I hope those who can afford to stay at home do as much as possible to avoid contracting the disease themselves and - more importantly - spread Read more

3/11/20 7:05PM

It’s easier to force your audience into a standing ovation if they’re incredibly uncomfortable in the seats you’ve given them.

3/09/20 9:45AM

Yea the president of the US, starts to chat her up. She was just a kid, a smart one that has been vilified as the evil woman here. I again see ambition coupled with opportunity and intelligence.  Nothing new in the halls of power.

3/06/20 3:52PM

I moved out a week after I found out. But yeah, I mean it almost broke me as a person, since it came during a time that was very difficult to begin with. Shortly beforehand the infidelity came to light, I found out that my business partner was using company funds to buy drugs and I had to address that. Then came the Read more

3/05/20 11:51AM

I know everyone will come after me for saying it, but reality was that her campaign ended before super tuesday. She fell behind in polls quickly once she backed down from her hardline M4A platform she lost a lot of the progressive left and then the moderate libs were never going to back her to a nomination... Her best Read more

2/25/20 11:14AM

Um excuse me are you telling a professional journalist how to do their job