9/26/16 3:10PM

Many lives were saved the day your Mustang was stuck in the sand.

9/26/16 3:01PM

I’m not sure what you mean by “every aspect.” But if you’re talking about food, yes, absolutely. If I had to actually think about my steak having once been part of a cow, with a face and a personality and sad lonely eyes, I’d probably be forced to be a vegan because I don’t think I could live with myself having killed Read more

9/26/16 2:40PM

The cheapness I get -- but it would be even cheaper to just stay home. If your options are “stay home for a few days” or “go be homeless in the woods for a few days” I’m not sure why you’d pay for the privilege of the latter.

I will wholeheartedly admit that your final point -- about forcing yourself to slow down -- Read more

9/26/16 2:34PM

And the world needs different people to be the wonderful place it is. Camping is just one particular activity I can never wrap my mind around, sort of like those Amazonian tribes who have the ritual where they stick their hands into mittens lined with bullet ants. “Let me be as uncomfortable as possible; it will be Read more

9/26/16 2:30PM

To each their own, I suppose. I just can’t see it. I drove across country last year, from Brooklyn to L.A. and back, and it was beautiful... since, you know, I had air conditioning in the car and glass to keep the bugs away and plenty of bottled water and the knowledge that I’d have indoor plumbing wherever I’d be Read more

9/26/16 2:29PM

You bought a practical and decently reliable car that just happens to look like utter hell?

Could’ve been a lot worse, really.

9/26/16 2:02PM

So for about $10,000 you got 9-1/2 years of truck. That’s not really too bad.

9/26/16 1:16PM

I bought not one, not two, but three Volkswagen diesels.

9/26/16 12:36PM

your hatred is out of date, Audi is the new BMW. In fact just last week I saw a BMW using it’s turn signal.

9/26/16 12:22PM

Owning not 1 but 2 Early 90s Plymouth Voyagers. One of which is getting a newer Chrysler 3.8L swapped in currently, the other of which is getting a 6G75 Mivec from an 07 Eclipse GT.

9/26/16 12:18PM

I’m pretty sure my worst automotive decision is continuing to visit Jalopnik

9/26/16 12:06PM

I like to think our friends in China have a sense of humor in this case.