Dec 7 2016

Apart of me is tired of having to listen to people who voted for Trump talk about how they feel alienated and how their feelings are important, too. I know my feelings and other groups are not important or don’t matter to them. They either don’t see me and other groups as people or don’t consider us important.

Dec 7 2016

YES. This is one of my biggest problems with democrats—they don’t fight back. They don’t want to play dirty. And so they get ran over time and again. This is not the time to “give Trump a chance” this is a time to listen to what Trump told us he believes and believe him.

Nov 30 2016

iOS and Android only? WTH? What about Laptops? If I am going to watch Netflix on a plane I would much rather use my laptop than any other device. I sure as hell don’t want to use my phone.

I guess they are assuming Tablet use? But who actually even buys tablets anymore? Let alone uses them?

Nov 9 2016

Jill Stein is nothing more than a vanity candidate. She has no relevant experience, and her policy positions are dangerously incoherent and irrational. Anyone who voted for her should be ashamed of themselves.

Oct 20 2016

Yeah, that is actually assault, but so is threatening someone with a glass. Christ, what a shit show. I am going to go ahead and throw out an RIP to AB’s career. She is done.

Oct 18 2016

Really. For every happy self-content old/fat woman out there enjoying sex, there are 15 young/skinny women who avoid sex or turn the light out because her ex-boyfriend 5 years ago once said her thighs were fat. People scoff at this as shallow, but the damage is real. We’re never good enough, always Less Than, Read more

Oct 18 2016

Seriously. Some of the ‘hottest’ women I know are still self-conscious about their looks. These women still have asshole exes who made nasty comments about their body. Read more

Oct 18 2016

NEWS FLASH : 25% of women avoid sexual activity because they feel self conscious about their bodies WHETHER OR NOT they are overweight. Read more

Oct 8 2016

Can someone please explain to me why many states are totally cool with Stand Your Ground laws/using deadly force to “prevent death or great bodily harm” but this little girl faces life in prison for shooting someone who repeatedly threatened to kill his entire family with that very gun? Read more

Oct 5 2016

Demi Lovato is like that obnoxious friend of yours who says shitty things with absolutely no filter and when you call her out on it she just says she’s being *frank* and *honest*.

Sep 2 2016

I love how both of these women’s shtick is always like “LOL I’m so disgusting and unattractive, you probably think I’m some fat troll, like why would you talk to me, right? Everyone in LA looks at me like I’m the lunch lady. ‘Look at this man with tits’ LOL right? RIGHT?” And literally NO ONE CARES or even thinks Read more