Yeah? I think you do, too.... Read more

Lmao at your comment. Absolutely derped. Think about it. No one is going to Google a state ID and look for shit while working. Can't believe you actually even posted this lol Read more

Bingo! Deal with it. And be thankful you have your youthful looks. Arguing and getting worked up won’t help the situation at all and bartenders are pros at dealing with belligerent people and drunks. you’ll never win lol Read more

yep. The Bar tender can refuse pretty much for anything. If people get pissed off about it, then the bartender can say they seemed intoxicated and got belligerent etc so you’re pretty much screwed once they won’t take your IS (unless you get a waiter or waitress etc to serve you, but act quick because a good bartender Read more

Bottom line (at least in WA state) the bartender is the King of all ID approval and dis-approval. So make sure you have ID etc and don’t be a jackass or you can still not get served, they only have to say you were belligerent etc and refuse to serve you, pretty much any reason they want. BUT...the one thing that DOES Read more

never get an email address through your ISP...that’s silly. Get a gmail, outlook or something that doesn’t care or depend on your ISP....didn’t everyone know this? Read more

No, she doesn't say things anymore that was like a couple years ago Read more