Apr 15

I love these kinds of ideas. You know, the one’s without a feasible way to enact them.

Apr 14

Just for future reference, if you have to start off a comment with “Just asking this is going to make me ‘automatically a racist’ but...”, don’t make the comment. 

Mar 9

So a Land Rover Discovery??? I thought Ford and Land Rover parted ways?

Mar 6

Which GM will then say “See!!  No one wants to buy EVs!!!  They only want gas cars!!!”

Feb 18

If you think you can do a better job after waking up at 2am, driving for ten hours, attending classes, then coming home and settling down with a drink on your day off to watch a race only to find out that you’re going to be up late reporting on a horrific accident, I encourage you to take my place and try your hand.

Jan 22

There’s flying, and there’s bumbling deliciously into the air. Those tasty birds are doing the latter.

Dec 4

gm sold 20k bolts and everyone on staff routinely says it sucks and is a complete failure for looking boring, but if ford sells ‘even close’ to 50k (i.e., maybe half that? say, closer to 20k?) it’ll be a ‘raging success.’ good take

Nov 12

One of the worse things I see in this report is the ignoring of the construction workers. I’m a good enough engineer to know I don’t know everything. A guy with a high school education that has actually done stuff with his hands and not just on a computer knows a lot more about how things actually work than I do. Some Read more

Nov 4

Since they’ve been dealing with him for most of this year, I’m pretty fucking sure they understand the consequences since they’re now unemployed.