Sep 23

If you don’t like the idea, take direct action and sell your Carvana stock.

Sep 23

The concept is clearly profitable,  but the owners are keeping the profits for themselves instead of allowing the business to show the profit. 

Apr 15

I love these kinds of ideas. You know, the one’s without a feasible way to enact them.

Apr 14

Just for future reference, if you have to start off a comment with “Just asking this is going to make me ‘automatically a racist’ but...”, don’t make the comment. 

Mar 9

So a Land Rover Discovery??? I thought Ford and Land Rover parted ways?

Mar 6

Which GM will then say “See!!  No one wants to buy EVs!!!  They only want gas cars!!!”

Feb 18

If you think you can do a better job after waking up at 2am, driving for ten hours, attending classes, then coming home and settling down with a drink on your day off to watch a race only to find out that you’re going to be up late reporting on a horrific accident, I encourage you to take my place and try your hand.

Jan 22 2020

There’s flying, and there’s bumbling deliciously into the air. Those tasty birds are doing the latter.

Dec 4 2019

gm sold 20k bolts and everyone on staff routinely says it sucks and is a complete failure for looking boring, but if ford sells ‘even close’ to 50k (i.e., maybe half that? say, closer to 20k?) it’ll be a ‘raging success.’ good take

Nov 12 2019

One of the worse things I see in this report is the ignoring of the construction workers. I’m a good enough engineer to know I don’t know everything. A guy with a high school education that has actually done stuff with his hands and not just on a computer knows a lot more about how things actually work than I do. Some Read more