Jul 10

Joan is only employed here to irritate people for clicks. Let's be honest.

Jul 4

ZOMG! I used to hear this song on the radio when I was in France in the 80s! I’ve never seen this video before, though.

Jun 25

I’m With Stupid, Bachelor No. 2, and the Magnolia soundtrack all got me through some tough times way back when. So many of those songs - the melodies and lyrics - still slay me. Lost In Space was also very good. Thank you for writing about this, Alex.

Jun 23

Look, I feel like he’s genuinely trying to apologise, but he still says, “I apologize to those who were genuinely hurt or offended” rather than “I apologise for doing something hurtful”. The passive voice really is a way of shifting responsibility and people need to stop making it a part of their contrition. 

Jun 14

Hey, it was a quarter after 1, they were a little drunk, & they needed a name now.

Jun 13

Or the nickname for a serial killers basement 

Jun 13

Sometimes I am fully prepared to make my statement, but then I see the work has already been done. Kudos.

Jun 13

Ah, so the “A” now stands for “Appropriation." Got it.

Jun 13

Change it to Lazy A, reflecting how much work and thought they put into first picking the original name, and also in changing the name

Jan 3

I was more mad about the dead animals, mostly because I think you’ve got the storytelling purposes twisted. Read more

Jan 3

*takes a quick look around*  Outlander, we have your woman!  OUTLANDER!!

Dec 13

It was horrible how she was forced to sign on to play this role without seeing a script or having the chance to talk about her character’s arc or anything else.

Oh, wait.

Dec 13

She didn’t write it, and she only directed it because the woman who DID write it was fired as director during pre-production so Olivia could be gift wrapped a movie. That writer/director was then shut out of doing press or attending the premiere for her own movie, while Wilde makes sure to simultaneously never mention Read more

Dec 13

The thing that frustrates me when actors make gaffes like this, whether it is Wilde playing a reductive character who trades sex for career advancement, or Timothee Chalamet working with Woody Allen, or any number of cis actors who play trans, or straight who play queer, is that in so many cases, they don’t NEED this Read more