The Real Unsharer
May 27 2019

My family is from Taiwan, and I’m beyond happy that same sex marriage is now legal there.

Feb 1 2019

Human reviewers”, aka colleagues who see me on a daily basis, have routinely confused me for one of two other Asian male team members. Forgive me if I don’t trust “human review” of POC faces.

Sep 2 2018

Yup. See: Willow Creek and their demonstration in “how not to address sexual harassment claims against church leadership”.

Sep 1 2018

I’m a person who likes to hug. I only give them when the person is receptive to it. And even then, I’ve never “accidentally” hugged a female friend in a way such that I grabbed chest. EVER. Read more

Jun 30 2018

More than a couple. He’s now been accused by 17 women of sexual misconduct.  No wonder he’s trying to discredit Terry and #MeToo as a whole. 

Jun 30 2018

The rally I attended in suburban Chicago had 600+ attendees show up when the heat index was hovering around 105 degrees. A lot of people are pissed the hell off and are not going to stand for this crap. Read more

Jun 19 2018

I just got back from a world competition where I’m watching people who are 20 years older than him squat more than he does... Read more

Jun 17 2018

Today, and every day: Fuck ICE. Oh, and, DHS spokesman? When you say “We don’t separate young children” and then immediately follow that with a list of circumstances in which you do EXACTLY THAT, that means you *DO* separate young children from their parents.

Jun 9 2018

I hope every carpet he steps on barefoot now and forevermore is embedded with tiny clear Lego pieces.

Jun 7 2018

The irony, of course, being that these people are the loudest about “let the free market sort it out”, yet when the free market says that it won’t support bigots, they get mad about that.

May 20 2018

The logic twisting is beyond bizarre. We have to love, respect, and obey law enforcement and our military (see: “Philando would be alive if he’d just obeyed the officer” B.S., but they must be armed to be able to defend themselves against the gubmit (and therefore, shoot soldiers and law enforcement) at any given time. Read more

May 8 2018

I have repeatedly been advised to leave it locked in a safe in a hotel in places where there’s a risk of pickpocketing. Whenever I traveled to Taiwan (where my parents were born) or Hong Kong, my parents had us lock the passports up and bring copies with us in our pockets so the originals were safe...

May 8 2018

I think the fact that they reportedly would not allow her to contact the Canadian consulate for support, as is her legal right, is just as troubling if not more so. Read more