Aug 4

That just a waste of time listening to the click sound for, at most, 300 numbers. MOST safe combinations are within the same room or floor. If you are exploring enough, even casually, you shouldnt have any trouble at all, with any safe.

Aug 3

Sometimes, I let my some pick out his dessert at the grocery store. He won’t get to eat it until after dinner, but he will eat his dinner because he knows he will get the dessert that he chose. Like any good “trick”, use it judiciously and don’t get mad when the kiddo grows out of it.

Aug 1

You read the headline and just figure “well fuck it, I’m miserable, I’m going to try and spread that wherever I go”? Read more

Jul 31

It’s the depressing, soul-crushing reality of many finance articles on lifehacker. I know the writers mean well, but the vast majority of people in this country have no means of following these plans, and the people who have the money already do so. 

Jul 31

What, you expect Lifehacker to write articles for the bottom 80% of income earners?

Jul 31

But why would you ever keep 3-5 weeks of expenses in checking? I’ve got maybe 3 days in there, tops, at any point, and move money from savings when it’s needed.

Jul 28

Are you putting the lid on said containers? You mentioned letting the moisture escape, but many of those segmented containers are air tight.

Jul 24

I used to work in tech support and the biggest pet peeve of mine was customers using fake information on their accounts because when they’d call in to have their password reset, it’d be a total chore. And of course the fault lies with the customer for using fake info but it suddenly becomes a situation where they Read more

Jul 24

I didn’t want to be that guy, but since you mentioned it: I love my Whirley Pop. I don’t care that it’s a unitasker. It’s more than paid for itself in stress free popping. Add some fake movie theater butter and Flavocol salt and you’re back at the theater without worrying about catching a contagious disease.

Jun 17

If you want to BYOB, make sure your beverage of choice is between 24% and 70% Alcohol By Volume (ABV) or 48-140 proof. Beer and wines tend to meet this standard easily, but be careful with your hard liquors. Read more

Jun 17

Thanks for googling for me. ;) I could have sworn FAA regs prohibited what this article is suggesting, and I guess I was right.

Jun 7

Why is it not mentioned that most of the world still considers the US a hot spot, and at best will stick travelers from here into quarantine? And in most cases are still prohibiting travel.

Jun 3

Found the racist. Why does this ONLY happen with this topic. No one shows up at a save the whales rally and goes “what about cockroaches?!” Cockroaches aren’t endangered you twat and what the hell are you talking about?  Its clear why people force this “all lives matter” bullshit.  Racism.

May 2

This is a tough one, man. I was paying $1400/month for my kids to be in daycare. That’s a second mortgage payment where I live. To keep shelling that out when my kids are home with me is a hard pill to swallow. Staring down the barrel of a recession and all of the B.S. that goes along with it makes it even harder... I’ Read more

May 1

They and the other 20 million low paid workers who are now unemployed have my sincere sympathy. I’m not wealthy either and just as worried about my own future as they are.
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