bisexual shitass
Aug 23 2018

My question is: who was the fourth person, and do you think they’re sad they weren’t mentioned?

Aug 23 2018

In related news, teachers are still expected to purchase actual school supplies for their job, with the new added twist that under Trump’s Tax Plan, such expenditures will NO LONGER be tax deductible.

Aug 22 2018

Men shouldn’t have sex if they’re not prepared to accept that the woman may get an abortion.

Aug 21 2018

Yes. When Nixon resigned, he became subject to criminal prosecution. In order to avoid that, Ford gave him a blanket pardon for any crimes he may have committed, so he just slithered away and wrote memoirs.
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Aug 14 2018

it’s exciting to me that benzo is being public about this - she has dated women on and off for years (sofu snow), as well as her ex boyfriend. whenever things got too public or heated with a woman, she would leave the woman to be with her ex bf. her family is super religious and she isn’t out publicly, so this is a Read more

Aug 14 2018

I’ve said it once & I’ll say it again. The best drug-free, barrier-free method is a vasectomy. Suck it up, men!

Aug 12 2018

The bombshell here is obviously that (if authentic) Kelly seems to be threatening to smear her reputation if it’s not a “friendly departure.” Read more

Aug 6 2018

The right size birthday cake is big enough for as much cake as the birthday person wants in the near future plus 1-2 pieces for all guests. This means if your birthday person is a sugar junkie and is willing to preserve the cake under a cake dome or whatever for a week so it doesn’t go stale, you better have a big-ass Read more

Aug 5 2018

That the argument is being made by a man in a place made for women makes this one hundred percent grosser. Like yes, some of the things we mention and complain about during periods and pregnancy are made up. Totally made up, a farce to get more sympathy(?). And five women out of a pool of billions is such a great Read more

Aug 4 2018

After having my own apartment for seven years and having enough $$ to have a dog for at least as long, I finally adopted a doggo yesterday! Her name is BB and she is very cute and loving. She even came potty trained! Her only “flaw” is some separation anxiety, so I’m a bit anxious about work on Monday, but I have a

Aug 3 2018

Rep Diane Black, one of Trump’s most fervent supporters from the beginning, lost her bid for Governor of Tennessee lastnight!!! I am FILLED WITH GLEE. She was a pretty prominent politician and had a definite future in House leadership, but she abandoned her seat in order to make this run. And she fucking failed. And I Read more

Aug 3 2018

Let he who has not eaten a hamburger in a Florida sushi restaurant cast the first... hamburger, I think is how the saying goes. 

Aug 2 2018

Wayne is 35, Jon is 47(!), both are still lil.

Aug 2 2018

Welcome to being a woman! Insurance doesn’t cover abortion either!