Car Centric Suburban S#!7hole
Jul 3

Do you work in tech? Then this is the car for you! It's a BMW that doesn't immediately shout that you're a total knob, but you still are.

Jul 3

You can and we have had both. MAGA CHUDS would like to go back to those times in the 1950s before the New Deal was partially dismantled. It’s not just racism, xenophobia, ammosexuality, and conspiracy theories that motivate them.

Jun 26

Ah, I’m wrong, as usual. Of course, this was selected by the general public who will gladly pay extra for a lifted wagon and some small percentage of whom are drinking bleach to prevent Coronavirus. Read more

Jun 25

And there aren’t length limits in most of the U.S., so the better ride and ease of maintenance of the longnose style tractor are more important than space efficiency.

Jun 22

Oh man there’s a market for these things and I bet this one will sell if there’s nothing wrong with it. Rural hobby farmers and/or log truck drivers with families love these things.

Jun 20

Im gonna finish but if you think a CUV of any kind is more dignified than a beautiful, useful minivan you're clearly delusional and you should have that looked at. A CUV is literally the new minivan and has been for a decade, as your experience has proven. The only difference is that one is spacious, Read more