Are we gonna sit here and pretend what happened here is normal?I’m gonna be blunt.Nina Simone was and is still considered ugly as a black woman by the establishment. Because her broad nose, full lips and coiled hair are considered as unworthy.Her features are still conveying negative comments or stereotypes. Zoe Read more

Ok now you are being ridiculous I thought that you were interested in an adult conversation . Basically people who actually KNOW something about Nina Simones lived experiences and colorism overall for BW in the entertainment biz were trying to explain to you why the casting is so problematic, But all you want to do is Read more

You dont need to look exactly like the person you’re playing if you capture their essence and their mannerisms - like Philip Seymour Hoffman did as Truman Capote. Read more

This is exactly the problem with Saladana’s casting. Nina Simone’s life and music were shaped by her appearance. She grew up in poverty and was barred from various institutions because of racism. She didn’t have the benefit of Saladana’s “acceptable” beauty type, such a lighter skin and smaller features. These Read more

We really need to discuss colorism more often. It’s just as psyche-damaging as plain old racism, if not moreso.
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Part of Simone’s story is her striking appearance, how she comported herself within her skin and how people reacted to that, so it sends a really weird message to ignore competent actresses who actually look like Nina in favor of one who does not. It sort of says those same obstacles still apply, and implies that no Read more

And like I SAID, your opinion is not an informed one since you are speaking on issues that have a different context for Black people. So of course your opinion, though you have the right to have it and yap about it all the livelong day, is not as important as that of someone WHO IS ACTUALLY BLACK. Do you know what Read more

You know you crossed the line and that’s why you erased your other “but she’s part Black” comment. Stop repeating yourself and fuck off. Read more

God, she so would have been! I feel like they saw Zoe and were all “she’s hot and like...ethnic *enough* maybe that will keep the SJWs at bay” Read more

You are mistaking “dark enough” with “Black enough”. The former deals with colorism. I’m a light skinned Black woman with 2 Black parents. I’m plenty Black. BUT I also recognize that I have certain privileges my darker sisters do not have. Read more

I’m not contradicting myself at all, nor do I have to go back and forth arguing about who is more qualified to discuss things about my own fucking culture. What nerve. Read more

I sort of see your point. But I think her comment still comes off a little tone deaf, especially coming from a woman who has more than benefitted from having eurocentric features and adhere’s to “traditional” Hollywood beauty standards. Read more

I know. That’s just the name being bandied about here. My point is that going for authenticity in this case is more important than a “name” star because this is probably going to be a move for a limited audience, including many to whom Simone is “sacred.” Read more

Once again, for the thirtieth time: You can have opinions on any subject you want. However, your uniformed opinion on a culture that is not yours is less important than an informed person’s opinion on her own culture. What you think about, say, Igbo people is unimportant and unwanted in contrast with what an Igbo Read more

Thank you! What do people think, that we just have it out for her for some irrational reason? Read more

She legit has said “Race is a minute problem compared to problems we face as women.” No she is blind to her light skin privilege and thinks we are in a post racial society. Read more

She has had other interviews and has definitely said those kinds of things. We aren’t just making it up, you know. Read more

The first time I saw Uzo was when she made an appearance on Project Runway for a challenge related to her starring role in Godspell on Broadway. So sure, in 2012 she didn’t have the name recognition of Zoe Saldana, but she wasn’t a complete unknown. Read more

Some Puerto Ricans and Dominicans are Black. Read more

I will never understand people that continue with posthumous biopics when the person’s family is against it. It seems SO disrespectful. Read more