Drew, you know that a constitutional is a walk, right? Read more

You do have a reason: Freedom. And that’s obviously legit. Most folks, like you, need a reason, a motive.  Read more

I think it’s almost impossible to “just save” without motivation. Better advice is to make a plan. Without a reason to save, sticking to a savings plan is very tough for most folks. Read more

A good question for children is the same as a good question for adults. Something like, “What are you expected about these days?” is a great ice breaker.  Read more

If you’re a renter, you pay property tax. You don’t get a bill from the county tax assessor, but part of your rent pays your landlord’s property tax bill. Read more

I check whenever I fly for on-time info for my own edification. Read more

In regard to contacting Range Rover corporate: Read more

Great advice: We clean for visitors, yet WE deserve a clean, tidy, calm, comfortable home for ourselves! Read more

Instant espresso, like the Medaglia D’Oro brand, is better than instant coffee for these applications.  Read more

Download the .pdf of the Contract of Carriage from the website of each US airline you’ll be using. This document outlines their obligations to you if something goes amiss — if they lose your luggage, cancel a flight, are late, etc. Read more

You can also wash some small toys this way! Read more

I’m listening to Michael Connelly’s Murder Book. The first series is still in progress, but so far it’s a solid police procedural/prosecutorial primer of a case with a fascinating piece of evidence. Read more

Alicia, my response was to the other commenter. I have no beef with your post. Read more

In my last house I had a Bosch dishwasher. It was quiet as can be, and didn’t even HAVE a dry cycle. Read more

Many, many baby items including toys are dishwasher safe. One problem is that some things are so small they fall through the racks. Read more

The type of lube you use is obviously a totally personal choice, and you should for sure use the brand or formula type that best fits your needs. Read more

The type of lube you use is obviously a totally personal choice, and you should for sure use the brand or formula

If your employer offers a very bad 401(k) plan talk to them about getting a better plan. They bought what the brokerage firm sold to them. Research better plans and suggest that your employer change. Many firms will take your referral to make a sales call on your employer. Read more

I agree with your point I was born when my dad was 50; he was born in 1906. Imagine being raised by Shakers to envision how he thought I should dress and wear my hair. But in our house, “Because I SAID so,” rarely even had to be articulated; it was simply understood. Read more