5/26/18 7:13PM

I see that gas right now in Ottawa is about $1.36 a liter.

Give what is involved in finding, extracting, refining and shipping gas, it’s insanely cheap, which is part of our climate change problem.

Hell, MILK costs more than gas in Canada.

11/16/17 4:49PM

Niagara Falls for good or bad is what happens when a troupe of carnies says “The hell with traveling. We’re just making our own damn town.”

11/16/17 7:37AM

Things only look great on Clifton Hill when you’re 6 years old. That end of town is designed to separate kids from their money, head south to the Casino for the Adult Version. Read more

9/27/17 12:32PM

Just because millions of people agree over something, doesn’t mean it is right. Also, go fuck yourself.

9/27/17 11:44AM

I disagree. The issue has everything to do with the United States of America and the complacency it demonstrates when it comes to lopsided treatment of black Americans by certain police officers/departments. The flag and the anthem represent the United States of America, not the United States military. Every single Read more

9/27/17 11:36AM

Aww, did that cause your vagina to enflame again? You should try to control your enthusiasm and reread that I’m not arguing the basis of the protests, pussy, and realize there are occasionally counter arguments when you so feverishly state something that contradicts what the initiator of the whole shebang has openly Read more

9/27/17 11:20AM

Then why choose the National Anthem to protest? Why not player introductions, or the halftime marching band if it’s not about the flag or country? Not arguing the basis of the protests, just the method and contradicting messages like ‘it’s not about the flag or country itself’ ... because it is.

9/21/17 12:13PM

As the good Lord said, “be thy rich in seed, be’st poor in car”-Ford 2:50. Saddle up, ‘father’, you’ve got yourself a congregation to haul.

6/12/17 11:04AM

Step 1.5: Make sure to sell it to someone you despise.

6/08/17 10:29AM

I think the thing I’m most irritated about is how FA has been morphed from a cool place to discuss defense and military equipment, strategy, and tactics, into what’s basically a political sounding board - of which the mothership-formerly-known-as-Gawker has many other places to post this rhetoric!
Read more

6/06/17 5:40PM

Do we seriously think Putin really believes Clinton had the wherewithal to directly incite mass protests against him? That woman couldn’t wip up emotions in high a schooler on prom night.

4/17/17 10:15AM

Mirriam-Webster defines muscle cars as performance-oriented two-door sedans, and I’m with them. I just can’t accept a Crown Vic being called a muscle car. It’s the most generic yellow cab since the Checker!

4/13/17 4:45PM

That’s beautiful and will still be clattering down the road 20 years from now...