So a more reliable Land Rover Defender? Read more

It’s almost like if you make a vehicle look good, it’ll sell. Read more

Frankly this makes the Defender look like shit. Land Rover should worry more about these comparisons than Hyundai.  Read more

That’s a good looking, practical SUV and will definitely also be ahead of the game with a nice warranty and MSRP. Forget the badge, there’s no denying that Koreans have been doing some damage for almost a decade now. My next vehicle will definitely be Korean. Read more

Why is everyone saying there’s no efficiency estimate yet?

I have to admit, I think I like the standard headlights better. Maybe I’m getting done with the retro look. Read more

Toyota is doing this weird thing right now where they actually design good looking vehicles. It’s freaking me out. Read more

I really like those round headlights. But even the standard ones look really good with that front end. 10/10 Toyota great looking vehicle. Read more

We’re seriously considering this car. Some things we’d like to know: Read more

This vehicle redesign is amazing! I love everything, so far. Read more

This IS the production version. Read more

I’d like to know its towing capacity. The previous gen would tow 3500 lbs, which is not *quite* enough for a track car on a trailer, or for the average 4-person camping trailer. Read more

Did they put the rear turn signal lights in the lower bottom of the bumper? I don’t understand why they’ve been hiding them down there on their new vehicles. Read more

There are quite a few cars out there in which the styling is a mess and well, they’re a mess, but I love this, including the rear, which doesn’t have as many commas as this sentence, but does remind me of ‘80s and early ‘90s vans. The rounded squareness has hints of LR4. Tasty. Hyundai still hasn’t made a firm visual Read more

1. I don’t see a gear selector dial. So, while not exactly a true column shift, it looks like there is some kind of pod on the column. Read more

what are the seating configurations, what will the top trim hybrid/phev be priced at, when will it be available, and will there actually be stock upon release..... Read more

As a current 2020 SF (Santa Fe) owner, there are a number of things I’d like to know. Read more

Will there be a ~40mi 300 hp PHEV, and if so where do I send my money? Read more

Most people will be able to afford this just like a loaded Telluride and not having to spend over a 100G with a shit warranty and and reliability issues. Land Rover used to be about simplicity and affordability long ago. Now its just for lawyers and doctors Read more